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50 Lead Generation Posts Your Business Needs You to Read


Lead Generation Diamonds

…Or they will be after you dig in to these 50 posts on Lead Generation

Remember the “good old days” of lead gen when all you needed were flashy red banners, promises of free computers, and sketchy sign up forms? With half a marketing brain, you could make leads fall from the sky.

Thankfully, those ridiculous days are over.

Consumers are getting smarter and have high expectations for your brand, and as a marketer, it’s your job to do the wooing. Luckily, that’s also what makes your job fun.

Lead generation is all about connecting brands and audience. These 50 posts will teach you how to do it right.

If You Love Content, You’re in Luck

1. Why Content Marketing Is Your Key to B2B Lead Generation

Solve a key problem, and your customers will like you better. Content is the web’s most powerful match-maker, and here is some data that explains why.

2. The Foolproof Formula for Writing a Solid Blog Post

Quit over-thinking your content. All you need is an old-school mad lib to be a rockstar writer. Seriously though, when you write relevant content, leads will flock to your sign-up form. This post will squash your excuses for why you can’t blog.

3. How to Justify the Cost of Content Marketing

Word on the street is that content marketing costs less per lead than paid search.

4. Five Reasons Your Content Marketing Effort is Failing

You spend hundred of hours writing blog posts that generate zero leads. Ouch. Here’s what you’re probably doing wrong.

5. Six Lead Generation Offer Ideas for Your Content You Already Have

Wow your visitors with an all-in-one white paper, webinar, and slide deck. Like this idea? Click through for five more.

6. Free eBook: How to Brainstorm Content that Rocks and Converts

You sat down to start. Five hours later, you’re procrastinating by reading this blog post. That’s precisely why we linked to this eBook.

7. Seven Tips: Convert Readers of Your Blog into Paying Customers

Time to kick it up a notch! Blogs will improve your search visibility and attract readers, but at the end of the day, your posts need to pay. Bad rhyming aside, here’s how to hit a content home-run.

8. How to Convert Blog Readers into Paying Customers

Scroll down to section four, and read about the ‘free product’ model. Then, read everything else.

9. Creative Ways You Can Profit from Content Marketing

Need one or two lead gen ideas? How about 49? Thank you, Sonia Simone!

10. How to Use Content to Find Potential Customers

Here’s how to kickstart a solid commercial relationship with your readers.

11. Why Content Is Still King When It Comes to Lead Generation

We know that the expression is cheesy, and yet, it makes way too much sense.

12. Content Marketing Is not as Simple as Writing a Ton of Blog Posts Every Day

Before you write out your next blog post, map out your content marketing sales funnel. Here’s how.

Just Don’t Do Any of This

13. Online Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

Link overload, bad calls to action, and confusing content will scare away any prospective customer.

14. Nine CTA Mistakes to Kill Your Lead Generation Process

Your awesome content isn’t converting anyone. What’s wrong? Find answers here.

15. Five PPC Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

When running paid campaigns, do you send most of your traffic to your home page? If so, keep reading because you probably need to change your strategy.

16. How to Avoid the Three Most Common Mistakes in Lead Gen

You have leads, but are they sales-ready? Here’s how to tell. Stop harassing leads that don’t convert.

17. Eight Frequently Missed Lead Gen Opportunities for Your Homepage

Make sure that you make the most out of all traffic that comes to your site. Use empathetic photos, and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

18. Nine Ways to Truly Suck at Lead Management

Can you tell a good lead from a bad one? When was the last time that you organized your messy, messy database? Here are nine mistakes that you need to stop making today.

19. The Seven Worst Marketing Emails You’ve Ever Seen

Oh, they’re bad. Real bad. Read until you can’t take it anymore.

20. 20 Clues Your Marketing Stinks, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Are you pushing or pulling your customers? The answer to that question is mission-critical.

21. Are Your Lead Generation Tactics Targeting the Wrong Buyer?

You’re selling clothes to 20 year old women, so why does your landing page feature an 80 year old man? If you’re second-guessing your answer, you better read this post.

22. Ten Companies with Insanely Bad Marketing

Four jaw-dropping words: “singing rodents called spongmonkeys.”

23. Birthday Wishes from my Marketing Friends

Birthday marketers aren’t fooling anyone. Here’s a breakdown of the good, bad, and ugly.

24. Not Generating Leads from Social Media? Here’s Why

Here’s why your social media campaigns are falling flat.

25. Why Lead Generation Is Irrelevant

If you’re sales and marketing efforts are two codependent, you’re probably doing something wrong. The relationship should be harmonious, not intrusive.

Boost Your Creativity

26. Ten Ways to Generate More Leads

Think that everyone wants free stuff? Think again. Freebies are getting tougher and tougher to give away. Keep reading for more counter-intuitive tips.

27. How to Promote Your Old Lead Gen Offers So They Feel New

Every great promotion comes to an end, right? Nope. Repackage your offers to drive more sales.

28. Have Customers Write Your Ads

Why your best customer is your best sales rep.

29. Five Tactics for Improving Lead Generation

Best practices for balancing your technology and marketing strategy.

30. How Offline Promotion Landed 300 New Blog Visitors

Believe it or not, there is more to the world than the Internet (gasp!). Learn about how “the penny hoarder” used a bumper sticker to build traffic.

31. 101 Offline Ways to Generate Leads for Your Online or Network Marketing Business on a Shoestring Budget

Read this article, and you’ll realize that opportunity is truly everywhere.

32. Six Lead Generation Strategies for Local Businesses

How to make the most of the world around you: segment your database, create partnerships, and develop a referral strategy.

33. 98 Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business

Don’t let the title deceive you. This four-year-old blog post is convenient, quick, and easy-to-scan.

34. The Ten Commandments of an Awesome Lead-Generating Website

“Your leads are only as good as the website that produces them.” True story.

35. Ten Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing

Here’s how to rock your emails and newsletters.

36. What are Some Good Examples of Lead Generation Activities for B2B SaaS Companies?

The Quora crowd weighs in.

37. Seven Tips for Landing Page Greatness

Your landing page is a critical step for generating leads. Here are some tips for building the best one possible.

38. 20 Lead Generation Tips: Part One

A technical look at managing your leads.

39. 20 Lead Generation Tips: Part Two

Have a solid campaign goal. Best suggestion ever.

40. Seven Small Tweaks that Boost Conversions

Little changes have big results. Here are seven to get you started.

Remember to Stay Social

41. 13 Brands Using LinkedIn Company Page Features the Right Way

If you’re generating leads through your LinkedIn company page, make sure that you give this post a read.

42. LinkedIn Beats Twitter and Facebook at Lead Generation

By 277% say recent reports.

43. Popular Internet Memes to Use in Marketing

The best way to get people to share your content? Make them laugh.

44. How to Social Media Lead Generation

At the end of the day, social media is about results, not shares. Here’s how it all fits together.

45. How to: Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Three timeless principles: engage, monitor, and share.

46. 26 Ways to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Here’s what you do when you think you’re running out of ideas.

47. How to Measure our Social Media Lead Generation Efforts

When you set up your numbers, make sure you do it right.

48. Seven Reasons You’re Not Generating Leads from Social Media

What the heck happened?

49. Seven Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

Don’t worry, next time will happen sooner than you think.

50. How to Use Quora as a Marketing Tool

If you’re a B2B marketer who isn’t using Quora, you seriously need to start.

There you have it — 50 of the web’s most awesome perspectives on lead gen. Do you feel like a smarter, more sophisticated marketer? Share your thoughts, and we’ll leave you with a virtual high-five.

– Ritika Puri

50 Best Ways to Generate Leads


From talking to advisors, I often hear that “lead generation” is a talent they have, but one in which they could continue to develop. Well, worry no more. Through submissions by our readers and industry leaders, the SMA staff has compiled 50 lead generation tips that can help you. Good luck in mining this gold.

1. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. The old fashion way doesn’t get much respect or credit, even though it still works in this high tech world, but it’s as simple as paying attention to what they are paying attention to, and making a comment or asking a question about it. After all is said and done, people like to do business with friends.
-Anthony Bolden, Bolden & Associates, LLC

2. Build a base. Start with a focused goal of developing your personal brand and recognition: both of which will lead to prospects.
-Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training

3. Advertise selectively. Your name and what you are offering will be heard or seen by thousands of individual prospects! Couple this with your involvement in community activities and you will develop immediate recognition. When you speak to people, it will be on a warm, friendly basis.
-Stefanos Loisou, Senior Financial Workshops

4. Advertise aggressively and often. Whether you are advertising through direct mail or e-mail, television or radio ads, the more exposure you have, the more leads you will generate. Be proactive once you generate leads and make sure to follow up to ensure you receive the maximum ROI on your advertising dollar.
-Brody Courtepatte, ALLPRO

5. Call every 90 days. Call every client and prospect at least once ervery three months. The call can be made by your assistant and will help you stay fresh in your client’s mind.
-Bill Good, author of “Hot Prospects”

6. Door-to-door flyers. Implementing an idea taken from another industry; the door-to-door concept can be applied to financial services. Simply hire a company who specializes in door-to-door marketing or local college students to deliver flyers promoting your next event. Stay focused and happy selling.
-Matthew J. Neuman, Advisors Excel, LLC

7. Make it personal. Your message needs to touch them personally. It could be a hand-written note or perhaps a picture. Either way, remember: You cannot replace a contact you personally made with one you bought from a list.
-Shak Hill, Lantern Wealth Management

8. Partner with referrals. Telling referrals to call another professional doesn’t work well. So I changed the way I handle referrals. I first work with my centers of influence, building a relationship based on trust, and have them understand what I do and how I can help their clients and referrals. I suggest that they ask the individual for permission to have me place the call. So instead of telling the prospect to call me, they say, “I think Barbara Franklin is the person who can help you. We have worked together. May I have your permission to give her your phone number and have her get in touch with you?”
-Barbara Franklin, networking expert

9. Video Marketing is HOT. Videos boost retention by 50 percent over live presentations.
-Allyn Kramer, Kramer Direct

10. Give them something they want. Think about what your audience is looking for. If they want information, make it available; if they’re looking for a specific product make sure they know they can come to you to find it.
-Larry Chase, president of Chase Online Marketing Strategies

11. Target your audience. I have found I am most effective with women. So I developed a plan to do something fun with the women in my database and encourage them to introduce me to their friends. I don’t like asking for names during an appointment; instead, I developed the idea of hosting a tea during the birthday month for my women clients. I explain that we are celebrating their birthday and ask them to bring someone who would benefit from meeting with me.
-Barbara Franklin, networking expert

12. Don’t use mailing labels. Every letter, fax and e-mail should be personally addressed and never contain “Dear Client.”
-Bill Good, author of “Hot Prospects”

13. Just ask. Go back to your current and past clients and ASK for referrals.
-Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training

14. Get help from your competitors. Maybe not directly, but take a look at what they’re doing. If they’re sticking with the same methods, it’s probably working. But it’s important to take a
long-term view of the competition.
-Larry Chase, president of Chase Online Marketing Strategies

15. Engage in good deeds. Providing community service and gently letting people know what you do can help create leads that can grow a business.
-George Solomon, FSC Securities Corp.

16. Attract the right clients. You already know the type of clients who are right for you. Not just the ones who you qualify by income level or investible assets, but by their willingness to listen, accept advice and collaborate. Spend time attracting your ideal clients and resist sorting through unqualified leads.
-Joanne S. Black, author of “No More Cold Calling”

17. Use a script. Scripting means every key word and key concept is written down. It gives you confidence and mastery over the subject.
-Bill Good, author of “Hot Prospects”

18. Stand out from the crowd. You’ve got to have an idea and presentation that really stands out from the clutter. To achieve that you’ve got to test it in small numbers and, when you find something that works, send it out more broadly.
-Maribeth Kuzmeski, Red Zone Marketing

19. Time the lead. One thing to keep in mind is that what appears to be a bad lead may simply be a mistimed lead – one that is too early. A bad lead today may be a good lead 45 or 60 days from now.
-Marc Lankford, Postmark DMS

20. Invest in lead programs and systems. Reduce your need for prospecting by investing in systems that take away the hassle and leave you to do what you do best: advise.
-Sonny Waldron, 4InsuranceAgents.com

21. Avoid self-promotion. Make your Web site informational, useful to the lives of clients and prospects, and they’ll seek you out when it’s time to do some planning.
-Mark Willaman, president of HRMarketer.com

22. Quid pro quo. Entice prospects to leave their contact information in exchange for the information you are providing and your Web site will drive leads.
-Mark Willaman, president of HRMarketer.com

23. Make newsletters professional. Send a newsletter, but only if you also send a cover letter. Otherwise, most won’t get read.
-Bill Good, author of “Hot Prospects”

24. Use co-registration. Internet leads also can be attained through co-registration, where a senior may be looking for elderly housing, for example. He fills out the elderly housing online form, which then prompts him to check any number of other boxes for products he may have some interest in, such as LTCI or annuities.
-Chris Pearson, president of ABCLeads.com

25. Use multiple sources for acquiring leads. Get client referrals, buy lists, send direct mail and conduct seminars. That way, if one stream runs dry the others can make up for it.

26. Create your own leads. You can create a lead if you have an understanding of the business issues affecting a client.If a client is looking to retire but has no visible means of doing so, the opportunity is created for someone to offer a solution, converting the lead to a client.
-Karen Compton, A3K Consulting

27. Take a long-term view. Avoid short-sighted marketing plans. We tell investors to have a five- and 10-year horizon with investing, yet most advisors have a 90-day or six-month view of their marketing efforts and whet

28. On the cutting edge. Be alert to what’s happening in your business community. Keeping abreast of area as well as national trends with local ramifications can prove to be an effective lead generator or business-development practice.
-Karen Compton, A3K Consulting

29. Build that rep. Advisors should get involved with their local service organizations, but be sure their hearts are in the right place. You’ve got to become involved to help the group not to help yourself.
-George Solomon, FSC Securities Corp.

30. Stick to a plan. You can find ways to create your own life insurance leads such as using your Web site, through email, doing some telephone calling, and even through referrals of existing customers, but the key is to find a plan and strategy that works for you and to stick to it.

31. Maintain an online presence. Become familiar with social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn how they work,and they’ll work for you.
-Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training

32. Stop cold calling. It’s a total waste of time. Your time. The prospect’s time. Research shows it takes 9-12 touches to reach a prospect with a cold call campaign, and you get voicemail 80 percent of the time. In addition, you convert less than 10 percent into clients. Why bother?
-Joanne S. Black, author of “No More Cold Calling”

33. Multiple mailing campaign. Commit to a multiple mailing campaign and stick to it. If an advisor will commit to a program over a long time span, ultimately they will earn a strong return as a result.
-Jorge Villar, Response Mail Express

34. Focus on how you can help. To get immediate action, promote benefits – not features. Tell people what you can do for them rather than how great your product or service is.
-Allyn Kramer, Kramer Direct

35. Don’t try to network with everybody. You develop more effective referral partners when you whittle it down to a more manageable number. I focus on quality, not quantity, and concentrate on developing a dozen referral partners to work with.
-Barbara Franklin, networking expert

36. Make your own title. I start and end every presentation with the reminder that I am not an insurance sales-person. I am an insurance educator. I don’t sell product, I find care solutions. And I rarely look for the cheapest product but rather the best value proposition for an individual client’s needs and circumstances. Then I ask for the referral.
-Bruce Venema, Affordable Insurance Answers.com

37. Make new rules. What works for one advisor may not work for another. Following good advice is wise, but if you follow it too closely, you look just like your competition.
-Larry Chase, president of Chase Online Marketing Strategies

38. Engage your current clients. Talk to your current clients and ask them to introduce you to one or two people they know who fit the profile of your ideal client. Don’t leave money on the table. Your current clients are your best source of new business. You just need to ask.
-Joanne S. Black, author of “No More Cold Calling”

39. Build a Web site with leads in mind. A Web site can be a lead-acquisition machine if it is easy to find and use, if it has content applicable to a senior audience and if it is used as part of an ongoing marketing campaign.
-Mark Willaman, president of HRMarketer.com

40. Narrow your expertise. The truth – clients choose the expert. And “the expert” understands their clients’ thinking and provides consistent results for others in their field. Narrow your focus and become the expert.
-Joanne S. Black, author of “No More Cold Calling”

41. Stay focused. Don’t try to cram more than one message in your mailing. By adding more than one offer, you’re forcing your reader to split their attention.
-Larry Chase, president of Chase Online Marketing Strategies

42. Use images wisely. Some e-mail clients hide images by default. If you have important information in your images, it’s a good idea to repeat it in text somewhere else in the e-mail.
-Larry Chase, president of Chase Online Marketing Strategies

43. Build your referral business. When you receive a qualified referral, you are pre-sold, have trust and credibility, shorten your sales process, reduce your cost of sales, and gain a new client more than 50 percent of the time. No other lead-generation strategy comes close to these results. Write your referral sales plan with weekly referral goals and a tracking process to measure your referral-selling success.
-Joanne S. Black, author of “No More Cold Calling”

44. Network. Regularly network with related professionals such as Certified Public Accountants, stay active in local business groups and try to get local speaking engagements in front of targeted prospects.
-Shak Hill, Lantern Wealth Management

45. State a number in the title. It’s definitive and lets people know each point will be brief and to the point.
-Jeff Dobkin, writer for the Danielle Adams Publishing Company

46. Contact prospects professionally and often. Use the “drip” method, with a series of low-key messages and phone calls designed to keep your name alive between face-to-face contacts.
-Bill Good, author of “Hot Prospects”

47. Be a specialist. Identify what profile you serve or can best serve and make that your template to judge all prospects against for an increased percentage of conversion.
-George Ludwig of GLU Consulting

48. Offer something FREE. While pens and imprinted items are fine, if you can create a special report with a title that everyone “MUST” have, people will call to get it.
-Jeff Dobkin, writer for the Danielle Adams Publishing Company

49. When people call, the ad or postcard worked. That’s all it could do it made people call. The rest of closing the sale is up to you.
-Jeff Dobkin, writer for the Danielle Adams Publishing Company

50. Use the 40-40-20 rule. Forty percent of the success of your promotion comes from attacking the right market your list. Forty percent of your success is from the offer the hook that grabs your readers. But only 20 percent of the success depends on the look of your promotion. Don’t worry about artistic perfection results are what count.
-Allyn Kramer, Kramer Direct

For even more lead generation ideas, click here & sign up for Senior Market Advisor EXTRA.

SOURCE:  http://www.lifehealthpro.com/2010/01/01/50-best-ways-to-generate-leads?t=sales-marketing

98 Lead Generation Strategies To Grow Your Business

SOURCE: http://www.gaviningham.com/98-lead-generation-strategies-to-grow-your-business/

In the new sales and marketing paradigm individuals, consultants, entrepreneurs and small businesses can play on a level playing field with the big boys. Anyone can embrace the power of the internet, couple this with a powerful sales and marketing strategy and bootstrap their way to success on minimal expenditure.

In fact, minimal budgets, far from being a barrier to success, can actually focus your mind on what you really need to do to get more sales. Minimal budgets make you ask the question all of the time, “What will get me the best sales results?” Minimal budgets don’t lure you down the the tempting path of spend, spend, spend!

I had a friend who used to run a small business. He complained a lot. Mostly about lack of funds. “If only I had the funds to spend on advertising I could compete with the big boys.” he used to say.

He didn’t and he went bust.

Since then he has set up a new business with a budget of £0. He even had to use someone else’s credit card to pay the £4.99 per month for his webspace!

His business is flying. Lack of cash focused his mind.

But in today’s new selling paradigm, lead generation is key. If you don’t know how to generate leads then you’re not playing the game properly. Most small business owners and professionals I speak to employ less than 5 methods of lead generation regularly. They rarely review or change their tactics. The average number that people employ is 2 or 3.

This is not enough.

If you want a successful business you need to utilise as many methods of lead generation as you can. You need to monitor the success of these lead generation methods, measure their results and tweak your strategies until you find a mix of 7+ minimum methods that work.

Once you have this mix you need to keep on shaking it up and trying other methods as well.

Here is a list to get you started. I am not saying that all of these will work for you or be practicable in your business or industry because every situation is different. B what they will do is set you off on the right track, get you thinking creatively about lead generation and, perhaps most importantly, they will remove the biggest blocker to your sucess, “But I don’t know what to do!”

Please comment and let me know other ways that have been successful for you and which are your favourite methods out of the ones below. I will share my top 7 with you another day but for now… and in no particular order, here are 98 lead generation strategies to help you grow your business…

  1. Sales letters to decision makers
  2. Classified advertisements
  3. Catalogues in venues
  4. Flyers
  5. Leaflet dispensers at tageted locations
  6. Special reports
  7. Online catalogues
  8. Telemarketing
  9. E-Newsletters
  10. Traditional newsletters
  11. Viral marketing
  12. Ebooks
  13. Magazine and paper inserts
  14. Associates and affiliates
  15. Introducers
  16. My top 100
  17. Family and friends
  18. Joint ventures
  19. Radio ads
  20. TV ads
  21. Position yourself / your company as an expert
  22. Internet adverts (PPC)
  23. Press releases
  24. Yellow pages
  25. Toastmasters
  26. Sponsor an award
  27. Fax marketing
  28. Business cards
  29. Chamber of Commerce
  30. Public relations (PR)
  31. Attend industry seminars
  32. Gather and use testimonials
  33. Offer a free consultation
  34. Offer a free trial
  35. Organise an open day
  36. Promote an industry event
  37. Give endorsements to prominent people
  38. Set up a Squidoo lens
  39. Write articles online
  40. Form alliances with your peer group
  41. Create a give away e.g. calendars, mugs, posters…
  42. Write for the local newspaper
  43. Syndicate a column
  44. Write letters to industry magazines
  45. Conduct industry research
  46. Send articles to clients
  47. Advertise on buses, bill boards, cabs
  48. Speak at the local college
  49. Panel at professional seminars
  50. Write a how-to pamphlet
  51. Offer a finder’s fee
  52. Do pro bono work for charity with industry links
  53. Sign your car
  54. Make up t-shirts
  55. Do a stunt (e.g. Richard Branson)
  56. Cross-promote with other businesses
  57. Enter a contest
  58. Create a contest
  59. Direct mail new clients
  60. Post card promotions
  61. Business cards
  62. Networking offline
  63. Networking online
  64. Trade shows
  65. Referrals
  66. Speeches
  67. Cold calling – foot
  68. BNI
  69. IOD
  70. Trade shows
  71. Franchise shows
  72. Blogging
  73. Social networking sites
  74. Christmas cards
  75. Birthday cards
  76. Thank you cards
  77. Add value notes / paper cuttings
  78. Promotions
  79. Article writing
  80. Online forums
  81. Bill boards
  82. Freebie pens / t-shirts / mugs
  83. Teach a class
  84. Send letters to papers as expert
  85. Local radio interviews
  86. Loss leaders
  87. Free teleclassses
  88. 3-foot rule
  89. Podcasting
  90. Youtube
  91. Ebay
  92. Mini-courses
  93. Two-step paper ad
  94. Rotary
  95. Church
  96. Masons
  97. Golf club
  98. Press release


How to Generate Leads

Source:  http://www.wikihow.com/Generate-Leads

Generating leads is an important part of the sales process. Marketers should be able to collect leads through a variety of methods, both online and off, in order to find more potential clients. Depending on the type of business, you may want to collect physical addresses or you may only need email addresses. Take a look at the following steps to help you generate leads.

Method 1 of 2: Online Lead Generation

  1. Generate Leads Step 1 Version 2.jpg

    Create a Web site that can capture leads. Your Web site should be easy to navigate and have information about your company and its products or services. Capture customer information through a form that asks them questions about their needs. A price quote form is a good way to do this. You’ll receive an email with the potential customer’s contact information.

  2. Generate Leads Step 2.jpg

    Set up an email auto-responder. To sign up for an auto-responder, potential customers simply enter their email address. Depending on the service that you use, the customer may have to confirm their email address by clicking a link in an email they receive after signing up. You can offer people an incentive for signing up, such as a discount or free product.

  3. Generate Leads Step 3 Version 2.jpg

    Use a tell-a-friend script. With a bit of code on your Web site, visitors can easily let their friends know about your company. They’ll enter the email addresses of their friends, who will receive an email about your site.

  4. Generate Leads Step 4.jpg

    Promote your business on social networking sites. Social networking sites are popular with many different types of people. These sites are where people go to connect with others. You can create a page on these sites to promote your business. When a customer “friends” you or “becomes a fan,” all of the people in their network can learn about your company.

  5. Generate Leads Step 5.jpg

    Promote your business on news sites. Use news sites to spread out press releases concerning your business. Writing a press release is easier than what it may seem. Talk about something newsworthy happening in your business, be it a new director or your presence to a trade show. Select the news sites which allow you to put a link back to your website.

Method 2 of 2: Offline Lead Generation

  1. Generate Leads Step 6.jpg

    Promote your company at trade shows. Set up a booth at industry-related trade shows. People can get a more hands-on understanding of your business. You can capture leads by asking those that are interested to fill out a post card or write their information on a list.

  2. Generate Leads Step 7.jpg

    Generate leads through local advertising. You can place ads in your local newspapers, radio stations or billboards. These ads should direct people to either call or visit your Web site. You can usually get more leads if you offer a discount or special offer when someone mentions the ad.

  3. Generate Leads Step 8 Version 2.jpg

    Use direct mail to entice customers. Direct mail still works for a variety of businesses. You can purchase a mailing list that fits certain specifications, such as neighborhood or income level, and send your mailing to these people. Be sure to target demographics that fit with your product. The more targeted your mailing is, the greater response you will receive.





  • Remember that when generating leads, it’s best to contact the prospect as quickly as possible, while they are still considered “hot.” An email autoresponder is one of the best ways to do this because the entire process is automated.
  • In most cases, it is less expensive to generate leads online, though some techniques can take time. If your company is on a restricted budget, try to use online methods first.
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