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List Building Techniques

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Questions and Answers


OK so I finally got a teacher but want to find a good book so I can practice violin techniques such as martele, vibrato, etc with my teacher. What book do you recommend that has tons of exercise for building violin techniques? I don't want Suzuki books,they seem to be useless as I already know all the music theory and reading notes.Please give me a list of useful books. Thanks.

Posted by Zimmerman
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Both bow articulations (like martele) and vibrato are topics that no book can teach as well as a human being. I hope you don't expect these books to *teach* you these techniques–and I hope your teacher can! (If not, maybe you need a different one.)

I'll also offer the disclaimer that every teacher has preferred books and none is necessarily better, just apples and oranges. I wouldn't appreciate someone on Yahoo Answers telling my students what book to use when I was planning to use certain ones–or causing them to start them sooner than I intended. If your teacher is good, he or she will know of dozens of exercise and etude books to assign you.

All that said, I suggest you take a look at this list: Http://www.revisemysite.com/pdfs/61-Asta… (pdf). It's important that you study different exercise books when you're at the level appropriate to them, and this has them (along with concert pieces) divided up into level. You might try finding repertoire that you're currently playing and see what etudes are in the same level.
Here are some specific recommendations:
– Wohlfart "Foundation Studies"–good for a host of left-hand and bow issues. Several volumes covering a broad range of levels.
– Sevcik bowing book for martele and other strokes ( Http://petrucci.mus.auth.gr/imglnks/usim… , or shell out $15 for a more modern edition with instructions in English)
– Whistler's "Introducing the Positions"–for getting familiarity with and accuracy in 3rd position (and others)
– Mazas and Kreutzer etudes (you need to be comfortable in 3rd position first)

Note that I only know of one book about vibrato, this one: Http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Viva… . It's useful, but primarily vibrato is learned through repertoire.

Listed building driveway?

I am a contractor just about to investigate a grade 2 listed building uk only awnser s please it is my first listed project. Now the access or driveway is very poor and is very steep can i get my team to refurb the drive before work is granted on the building it is about 100 meters long 3 meters wide and around a 35 degree steepness but its just consitant wet mud at the moment?
The driveway is very steep look up hazlewood house south devon boy boy it is all built in a valley on the avon the sheep have a job standing !

Posted by wesley
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If a building is listed then this extends to the entire curtilage of the site that the building sits on. A common misconception is that a property can be listed 'in part'. This is not the case. Therefore, in the instance that you describe it is almost certain that the drive forms part of the curtilage of the building and is, therefore, covered by the listing. The legal aspect here is connected to the word 'development'. If the work that you are proposing constitutes 'development' under the terms of the Town and Country Planning Act then Listed Building Consent is required. In practice 'development' is anything other than general maintainence or like-for-like replacement. Accordingly, from your description, I would suggest that development is taking place and therefore Listed Building Consent is required. It is a criminal offence to carry out unauthorised work to a Listed Building. I hope this helps.

What are your Magic: the Gathering deck building techniques? I need help!?

Ok, so i just got back into the game after about 6/7 years… All my old cards are long gone, so I bought a whole bunch ranging from old to new from ebay, and also got some pre-cons to brush up.

I want to start building my own decks again, but I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. I used to know pretty much all the cards i have, but now i have very little idea of what I've got. Whats my best strategy? Should i make a list of all my cards, (bearing in mind this would be incredibly time consuming as I have so many) or pick a colour and go from there?

I guess i need better organisational skills lol. So if anyone can give me some tips, I'd really appreciate it. Maybe some deck ideas too, like weenie, burn etc.

I guess this is more of "please help me organise" than a question, but please… HELP!



Posted by ~*Raine*~
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First of all, welcome back! MTG is a great game and deck building is definitely part of the fun and pain. 😛

Since you are just starting again, I believe the best approach is casual play with friends or people at local card stores. From there you can see other popular deck type and you may find more of what you like. As for now, you can quickly go through your cards and see if there is any particular strategy or combo that you like. Let say, you like white weenie with buffs for aggro win. Stick with that and take out all your cards that fit the strategy and work from there.

It is very easy to build a deck based on colour but it is hard to find a good synergy if you build a deck this way. It is even harder to improve a deck if you don't even know how you are suppose to win with your deck. With a theme or a winning condition (like aggro win), then you can say the 5 casting Serra Angel is not a good fit. So instead of running 4, maybe do 2 and put 2 sideboard. You need to know how you want to win with your deck so that you can analyze if a card fit your deck.

You can check out Gatherer for cards info: Http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Defaul…
Go to "Advanced" to refine your search.

Put a deck together, post it here again and we can look at it to see how to improve it.

As for organizing, I sort all my cards in two different ways.
1) Binder
– I sort my cards per block. For example, "Shards of Alara", "Conflux", and "Alara Reborn" cards are put in the same binder. I keep 4 copies max in the binder. For extra copies, I keep them in "shoe boxes"
2) Shoe boxes
– I only store extra copies in shoe boxes and I sort extra by colours and type. White, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Multi-colour, Artifact (all colours and colourless), land. Among each "category", I sort my cards alphabetically.

It may seem geeky to organize cards this way but it is until you organize your cards then you know what you actually have. And I can guarantee you that it is a lot easier to find a card when they are organized in a way that you understand. Oh, I also label the boxes and binder. When you only have two binders, of course you can tell which is which without label. As you get to binder number 8, you get a li'l confused even when you look at them every day.

Another tip: always put back cards to a binder or box if they are no long required in a deck. I also have a list to keep track of what card and number of copy of a card is in what deck. Again, when you only have two decks, oh ya, you know exactly what's in them. After building and refining/improving half a dozen of decks, you sorta lost tracks of where everything is. You do not want to scare the hell out of yourself when you cannot remember which deck has the 4 foil Wrath of God you spent years to collect or are they still in the binder? (Ya, it happened to me once. I turned out my brother used them in his deck and I forgot.)

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Email-List Building

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Questions and Answers

Can someone point me in the right direction for building a targeted email list?

I currently run two websites, one selling golf gifts and the other one is a website about mortgages. I want to be able to build a targeted email list for both of the sites, but I am not sure how I go about doing that. I don't want to buy a list from some company as I don't think that works, but want to make more money with the list. Does anybody have any tutorials or can help me really quick on how to build my targeted email list for each site?

Posted by
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First, you are totally right that buying a list from some company does not work. The numbers don't convert well to sales and you can also get in trouble as people will think it is spam since they did not sign up for your list.

The best way to build an awesome targeted email list is to have a sign-up on the front page and contact page of your website. Make sure that it is where someone can see it at first glance of your website. Also, whenever someone does buy something from you on your golf gift's site, you can have a box in your checkout page that they can click and choose whether or not they want to join your email list as well.

Then, what you have to do is bring in the traffic to your websites so people actually sign up for the email list. I don't know how much traffic you get now, but you may have to work at increasing your traffic with marketing basics such as article directories and pay-per-click campaigns. There are programs that you can put on your websites to get people to sign up for the site.
There are free ones that may be good for small amounts of traffic, but if you want to make real money, then invest in a program like autoresponder for the email list as well. If you want to check out more about building targeted email lists, then I recommend you check out Matt Bacak at www.mattbacak.com. He is where I got most of my information from and he has a great newsletter, Internet Marketing Dirt, that you can subscribe to and get more detailed help every month.

What are the best email marketing websites to build email list?

Looking to build an opt in email list for my business and I've been looking at different sites offering to build an email list. Which is the best between Aweber,GetResponse or Mailchimp or any other email marketing company? Looking to expand my business and I need advice on which company to go with!

Posted by gsmooth_25
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You can build email lists for free, if you like contact me and ill coach you on how to do this properly but roughly what you should be doing is going on sites like facebook and seeing the problems people are having and offer them a free way out of that problem by providing a program in exchange for their email address

One that ive used is an auto friend and gift acceptor script that saves people a lot of time

Another is the zynga poker bot, this plays poker for people and wins them chips while they sleep and is very popular

Use a youtube video with a link in the description to your opt in list

Once someone has signed up send them the program or link to the program

You can rake in literally thousands of active emails this way legally

Don't pay someone to do it for you its too easy to do.

What is the best and cheapest (not free) way to build a targeted email list?

I feel like I've tried it all – solo ads, facebook ads…can't seem to find the best roi. Thanks ahead!

Posted by Brandon
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The best way to to build a targeted email list of through content marketing. Content marketing includes blogging (use wordpress to collect emails), webinars (gotowebinars.com to collect emails), hosting networking events (use eventbrite.com to collect emails), and meetups (use meetup.com to collect emails).

At my company Nichevertising we write a blog post once or twice a day everyday. Then we share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Twitter has been the best source so far because it is easy to search to find people who match your keywords then follow them. At least 50% of the time they will follow-back.

We share target blog post and this drives traffic back to our website where we can then collect email addresses from those who like us. Because we provide valuable content, visitors to our website are more than happy to subscribe to our email newsletter to get more viral marketing tips and tricks.

This method is not fast, because it takes time to write content and build up your audience. However, it is very effective and practically free if you are a good writer.

If you need more speed in your email marketing process, in the coming months my startup (nichevertising.com) will have an alternative for you.

We will soon be launching to the public our cooperative advertising app that helps entrepreneurs fast track the process of going viral by working with other businesses in their niche.

Our #1 goal is to solve this problem you are having. We are still in private beta, but we will be opening up the site to a new cohort of beta users soon and you're welcome to apply to try it out. Visit our site and visit the "request access" link.

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Email List Building Tactic

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List Building Software

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Questions and Answers

Web Building Software?

Does anyone know of a good web-building program. I used to use Microsoft FrontPage, but I recently got a new computer with a Windows Vista operating system. I heard that FrontPage doesn't work with Vista. Thanks!

Posted by jwlesq
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I have a list of programing software on my website with a short description and links to them. The site is also filled with helpful links on how to make a website. Http://www.wickedrant.com/comic/make-a-w…#Q2″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://www.wickedrant.com/comic/make-a-w…

Hope this helps.

Recommendations for free web building software?

I would like to build a web site using completely free software (by completely free I mean one that doesn't pretend to be free until you try to upload). I will be wanting to have videos and pictures as well as a message forum. Can anyone recommend something that is effective while not being overly involved to use.

Posted by wotsits
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I have a list of all types of software on my website at Http://www.wickedrant.com/comic/make-a-w…

My monitor has a built in webcam, but how do I use it?

I know my monitor has a built in webcam, but how do i activate it? I dont see anything under settings, or control panel, and when i try to use it for messenger it says i need to install one. Im confused. Please help.
I have looked under the device as you asked and there is nothing there at all, nothing even for an explanation point to be next to. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 530S desktop, the webcam is built right into the top part of the monitor, this makes me so mad! Im not good with computers…..any options? Meanwhile i am looking for the disc's.

Posted by Danielle
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Most built in web cams come with software preloaded on their computers. If the computers operating system was reloaded, then the drivers and software will be eraticated. The companion disks that came with your computer should have the application and driver on them. I would look in the device manager:
Start> Control panel> system> hardware> device manager.
Look under the imaging devices and see if the hardware is listed. If it is then the drivers are loaded, if there is a yellow question mark Icon as an unknown imaging device then you will need to load the drivers and software from your companion disk.
If the device is there, then look in the all programs list folder by folder until you find the software that drives it.

If this is an aftermarket monitor you bought after the computer then there should be a drivers disk and software that came with it, and it will have to be loaded.

Let us know if this is the monitor that came with it, and after market monitor, what the computer make/model is and if the imaging device is in the device manager and we will go forward from there.

Also is this a laptop or desktop?

Ok Breath 🙂

I found the users guide for installing the application and setting up your web cam here:
Note you must have the USB cable connected between the monitor and the computer in order for the web cam to work.

Also it says that you must install the application as it is not preinstalled with the operating system.

Here is a cut and paste from the instructions:

1. Insert the Webcam resource media into the CD drive.
NOTE: Ensure that the USB cable is connected between the monitor and the computer.
2. The Install Shield Wizard automatically launches the setup application. Choose your desired Language and click Next to continue.
3. Read Software License Agreement and click Yes to continue.
4. Click Browse to change the destination folder where the software will be installed to and click Next to continue.
5. Select Full Installation, click Next and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Click Finish to restart the computer after installation is completed. Alternatively, choose Custom Installation to customize the installation.

You are now ready to use the Webcam. The Webcam application provides the following functions.

Hope this helps

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Checklist for Building a Website

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Questions and Answers

Help building website ?

I'm building a website weir I'm gonna blog about my life and have lots of fun games…. But I can't think up a domain name…. Help?!?!?

Posted by cowgirl101
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Hi Lauren.

While selecting a domain, try to follow below checklist:
1. Keep it Short and Catchy
2. Try to get .com
3. Try to keep a name, people are typing Into Google while searching?
4. Must Provide short Description of blog (like Http://starta-website.com gives a brief that it will be information about starting a new website)

If you want more information of buying domain, hosting and website creation, please follow Mr. Lawrence Http://starta-website.com

Building a computer, some general questions…?

I'm constructing a mid-high gaming computer for the first time, and I'm unsure of a few things, such as:

1: Should I get a GPU AND a video card, or just one of the two? Excuse my ignorance, but I don't really know what a GPU does or whether it's necessary to have.
2: How can I check to see if all of my parts are compatible? Can somebody give me some website links/other reliable information on how to check?
3: How much should I spend on a video card/GPU/both?
4: What tools will I need?
5: The chassis I'm getting has 1 USB 3.0 port and 3 USB 2.0 ports. Will I have to buy a certain type of USB2 card to accommodate this, or should I just buy a standard one? And does having a 3.0 and three 2.0 ports change what USB2 card I can or can't buy?
6: What parts are/aren't necessary for the chassis I'm getting? (the Antec DF-85 Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower)
7: Is this in fact a good chassis to buy, or was I lured in by my technical ignorance and marketing techniques?
8: Is a sound card necessary, or is that function handled by the MOBO?
9: Should I buy internal speakers, or just buy external ones? What's the dollar/time-set-up difference?
10: Is a surge protector installed internally, or do I just plug my computer into a wall-mounted one?
11: In a network interface card, can I buy a card that is both wired/wireless, or do I need two different ones? Can someone suggest a card?

Any advice on what parts to buy/not buy would be greatly appreciated, as I'm pretty uneducated in this field. Also, I've been getting my list of required parts from "http://www.davesite.com/computers/system/checklist.shtml", (ignoring the optional parts) so if any parts are missing, or should be included, please include that in your answer.

Posted by sean_mckimmy
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A GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) is what a video card is about. Its main component is a GPU. There are graphics processors included in many CPU (Central Processor Units) that are not nearly to the level of a good graphics card. If not using the PC for gaming, you can get a good processor and included graphics and simplify the build. Intel Ivy Bridge i7's generally have HD 4000, and this AMD:
AMD A8-3870K Unlocked Llano 3.0GHz Socket FM1 100W Quad-Core Desktop APU (CPU + GPU) with DirectX 11 Graphic AMD Radeon HD 6550D has graphics good enough for most video editing and schoolwork, but weak for gaming.
Helps a little with compatibility and cost and assuring you choose all the needed parts.
lists CPU power (but in gaming are factors like only 4 cores of a multicore are used, and hyperthreading of i7's are not in gaming
graphics power (though not exact) AMD does not game as well as NVidia at the same scores in bench tests.

Game-debate for a power supply shows the minimum power for 12V amps and watts and the wattage of cards. The motherboard web site lists compatible CPUs and graphics types, and PCPartpicker restricts choices. When you have a part list, post it as a PCPARTPICKER link or a set of links here
Ask for similar priced improvements or if better choices

In a gaming system, a $500 system should have a $100 card, but an $800 system should be aiming towards $250 and a $900 to $1000 system includes a $300 graphics card. That means in gaming, put all you can into the graphics card, but need to upgrade power supply with it, and stay above minimal on the CPU at the same time. It is a balancing act.
Some cases are tool-less. Others need screwdrivers. There are not many tools involved.
If a motherboard has USB 3.0 at the center of the card, it can be brought to the front of your case by cable. If USB 3.0 is only in the rear connectors, the case cannot get it to the front easily.
Antec DF-85 is a good case, but more expensive than it has to be. It is suitable for a $800 to $1000 PC build. Antec Three Hundred and Two is fine, and Rosewill Challenger is a good $50 case without USB 3.0 in front.
Use the Motherboard sound if a decent motherboard, and if not satisfied, can upgrade sound by a card later.
Speakers must be headset or external USB or 120V amplified. The sound of any other is no good.
Surge Protector is what you plug your PC into. It protects power surge from lightning.
Much better if you are ethernet hardwired. If you have to go wireless, you need to match your wireless router to some extent, but dual band on both with gigabit switching would be nice. Email if you need a lookup. Use pcpartpicker as a baseline if possible.

Building an AR? Help please?

Hello, I live down here in Cali. And unfortunately the only way to get a quality AR is to build one. I'm new to this and am wondering if there is a place that I can go to find a sort of checklist or if you can supply me with some good information on what the best way to start would be. What's the first part I should buy and build. Do these parts like receivers and all that, do they usually fit on to most AR's? Any and all help will be very appreciated! Any advince at all would be helofull. Like the best websites for parts and what not.
Edit: ha, thanks glacier. Well I wanted to build it because i figured its cheaper and the only ARs you canfind legaly in California are .22s and priced like they are collectors items or something. If I remember correctly, the only way to legaly obtain a good quality AR is to build it in a kit. I know a few people who have built their own ARs so I would most likely use a lot of their help. Or rather, I would buy it and they would build it ha. They are gun finatics and would enjoy it more then anything else.

Posted by blah
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You can build one at home – but – it aint gonna be better than a store bought model unless you have graduated from a police or miltiary armory school. Fact is it will probably be a total piece of crap since you dont have the jigs, tools, and experience to perform a proper assembly. The trigger will be squshy, sloppy, either too hard or too soft, with creep and drop. Unless you know how to properly stone the hammer, sear and disconnector – you only have a 1:20 odds of putting a parts kit in and actually like the trigger. Better odds with Daniel Defense and Rock River parts.

What is wrong with the AR's in the stores, or, what is it you do not like? You can always order a $1800+ Service Match AR from Olympic Arms or drop $2260+ on their Serice Ultra Match – these are designed for 200, 300 and 600 yard competiton with iron sights – no scope.

The idea that someone who has never owned an AR – installing a barrel to a receiver and then pulling the trigger at the range – is a great way to loose some fingers, an eye, and the top of your skull. Go google 'blow up AR' and check out the pics.

The first thing you need – Excellent Medical coverage. And be sure the medical and life insurance policy that does not disqualify you for acts of self inflicted injury.

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(Santa Fe Adobe Custom Home Contractor)*Southwest*Exteriors

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