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Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems…

What You Need To Know To Keep From
Getting Scammed And Sabotaging Your Business…

Glenn Burks

From the desk of Glenn D Burks

Dear Fellow Network Marketer:

What I’m about to share with you will no doubt irritate a few people in this industry who make a living from selling you network marketing lead generation systems.

I’m going to expose the things they want to keep hidden from you…

…the fact the very people supplying these systems are competing against you, for the same target market!

Everyone wants to generate their own leads today, we’ve been led to believe it is the only way to success. Everywhere you look you see ads proclaiming success after success, by using this system or that system.

What you don’t see, and they won’t tell you, is how long people continue to use them before their budget is gone…

…The success ratio or how they secretly use your landing page to manipulate their friends search engine rankings…

…Your Competitors!

Round one, generating Leads through someone else’s system!

In 2002 I was using a couple of different lead generation systems on the advice of my upline. They where linked from my site Network Marketing Works.com. Amazing how they all had a pay-plan attached to them!

I was generating hundreds of leads per month, I was on the right track to make my business just explode right…

…Not even close, here is the break down…

  • 80% of the leads placed garbage into the contact information…
  • 15% where from other network marketers keeping an eye on the competition.
  • 5% where actual prospects.

If we put that into the proper context for every 100 leads, 5 where actual prospects…

…after we had waded through all the garbage leads and competitors just checking out the competition!

I already mentioned, I was generating hundreds of leads per month from organic traffic. The web site was #1 on all there search engines and producing about 600+ leads a month!

If we put it into the correct perspective… The 600+ leads generated each month through these lead generation systems only netted about 30+ leads per month.

What would the cost be to generate this many leads via pay-per-click?

On average it takes about 12 to 15 clicks to get someone to fill out a form on your landing page. If we figure an average cost of $1 per click you’re looking at $7,200 per month, to generate 600 leads in which 30+ will be actual prospects.

These 30+ prospects could end up costing roughly $240 per prospect…

…and they’re still are not qualified for your opportunity.

No wonder most people last just a few weeks at the most!

Now for the real kick in the pants…

In testing these systems… we want to test them right, I setup a new email address with a unique email address.

One that I didn’t use anywhere else. Not long after I stopped using these lead generation systems, I started receive all kinds of emails from various opportunities…

Wow, this was an eye-opener all of this traffic I had generated to the system and paid for, they where now selling these to others as leads!

The Funded Proposal System… Get Your Prospects To Pay You!

Now this sounds great, get your prospects to fund your marketing budget, let them pay you to prospect them! This is supposed to be the cure, to the previous marketing methods that failed for 97%…

…designed to keep you from running out of money, before we can up-sell you on a dozen more courses!

To make it exciting we’ll just attach the buzz word “attraction marketing!”,

Now you have a replicated, landing page, that looks like everyone else does…

…wasn’t this one of the reasons they told you, that your companies web site wouldn’t work…

…because it looks just like everyone elses?

Once Again Along Comes the Google Slap!

We are back to square one again, don’t you just love spending your hard earned dollars testing somebody elses marketing system?

Now you’re told to get your own domain name, point it to the lead generation system, and we’ve added links at the bottom to help you beat the Google Slap.

…but, why are some of these links going to my competitors?

You’re set now right, you’ve got the system your own domain name, yet you still look like everyone else…

…Your instructed to get around this by creating a video of yourself and using that on the page.

Yet, you are still offering the same thing a thousand other people are, with the same text or maybe a slight variation of it…

Still cannot figure out why you have a high click ratio to conversions…

…people see it is essentially the same pitch they’ve already rejected they click back just as quickly as they clicked on it…

…Can you hear the sucking sound coming out of your bank account?

…they’ll argue, the email follow-up system will eventually bring them back to you!

…Yeah right, with a letter that begins with, “On behalf of <insert anyones name but your own here> they want you to believe this is what attraction marketing is all about, promoting someone else!

So when this all begins to flounder… What’s next!

Step up to social media mania… Where everyone is a prospect!

We’ve not graduated from the 3 foot rule to the 3 micro-second rule. Everyone is just a click away, just send them to your lead generation landing page…

…that we’ve provided for you to promote ME, not you!

Now, get out there on every social media platform, and blast your ad away, remember 9 million prospects and climbing…

…just send them to your network marketing lead generation page where we’ll tell them how to generate an endless flow of free leads, promoting our system.

…wait I thought that we where supposed to be the hunted not the hunter? Are you now telling me to chase people down? Where is the attraction in that?

Well that isn’t working to well either now, so lets create blogs, websites and social media pages too. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, we’ll take you by the hand and spoon feed you all the gooey stuff.

…What if I don’t know what to write? Can you hear the up-sell coming?

Well we have these articles, with full reprint rights that you can put on your site…

…we’ll even show you how to manipulate them ”re-purpose“ so you can use them anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you know anything about it… It’s all about perceived credibility anyway. Besides they’ll be chasing us not you anyway!

…Oh, there’s that sucking sound again, your wallet should be getting lighter by now!

How Does It Feel To Be Stuck On The Never Ending Rabbit Trails?

You know, going everywhere but getting nowhere, knowing that success is slipping further from your grasp!

Think about this for a minute…

Why is it they call them network marketing lead generation systems specifically designed to target other network marketers…

…Does that mean the other 200 plus million, are they not prospects?

The Good News Is You Can Get Off This Merry-Go-Round!
And It’s Not As Difficult As You Think!

Systems don’t sponsor people, if that was all it takes, would any company need you? People prefer to talk to people, how do you feel when you talk to a machine?

…Do you scream into the phone, ”REPRESENTATIVE“?

…So How do you get off this merry-go-round of supporting the network marketing lead generation systems?

You do it with knowledge…

…More specifically tacit knowledge, It really does not matter how good a system is, people still want to talk to people.

What does it take to create your own system?

A website or blog is the easy part, the landing page requires you to know what your prospect or customer really wants…

…and the only way to know that is, to talk to enough prospects and getting feed back from your customers!

Another reason all lead generation systems designed to chase network marketers eventually fail…

They’ve never talked to enough prospects to figure out just what it is they want.

It is a fact generating your own leads will give you the best prospects….

…but don’t kid yourself that they’ll be the answer to all your problems. If fact in many cases they are not any better then leads you can buy from a any lead source.

The difference will be how effectively you can communicate and listen to them, then provide a solution that fits their needs!

What you must know to avoid failure… before you run out and throw a system together or for that matter using anyone elses system…

…Do not build your business in the reverse order!

Think about this for a minute, would you go out, build an airplane, then try to fly it without any experience or lessons…

…Don’t laugh or think it is rediculus people have actually done this, can you say ”CRASH & BURN!“

We are fortunate in that creating a network marketing lead generation system and failing will not kill you. Yet, I’m sure people have felt that way after throwing thousands of dollars into it.

How I almost failed by having to much of a good thing!

In 2003, I was looking for leads to supplement the leads I was generating on my own. My upline pointed me to a company…

…Which changed everything!

Here was a leads – training company, whose first words where the best leads will be those you generate on your own…

Following their training, I immediately began to apply, what was being taught…

I put into place a lead generation system based on collateral marketing. I was expecting results similar to those I’d experienced early using other peoples systems.

Needless to say I was not prepared for the results of implementing this method of marketing. I was expecting generate a smaller number but a more targeted lead.

In just a short time, I was generating 300 to 400+ leads each month, remember I was already in the top 10 on the search engines…

…I had far more leads then could effectively be handled. I can hear you now that’s not a problem!

One of the major issues was not having enough practical experience in prospecting. At that point in time I was still part of ”The Fake It Till You Make It Crowd!“

All I could think of was I’m glad I’m not doing this through pay-per-click, I would have ended up spending a small fortune, and still produced poor results.

What is the most cost effective way to do it then?

The most effective way is to use Leads, hone your prospecting skills while building and implementing your own lead generation system.

And the beauty is you can learn from the same place that many of the industry’s leaders did, and this is a little know fact…

…You could even out do them! For you see, they never could recruit from anyones leads list. And If I mention their names, they would crap a brick!

Ready to learn more about Why Your Network Marketing Cookie Cutter System isn’t working

…and how you can take control of your business today then follow the link above!

Source:  http://www.network-marketing-works.com/network-marketing-lead-generation.html

MLM Lead Generation- Top 7 MLM Lead Generation Strategies

MLM lead generation is critical when it comes to finding success in NetworkLooking for MLM Leads Marketing. Just as any business thrives or fails based on their flow of leads, an MLM business is no exception. You need leads! Leads may seem more important when you just get started in a Network Marketing program, but lead generation will remain a constant concern throughout your career in the industry.

MLM Lead Generation- My Top 7 Strategies

There are a number of different strategies that can be used for lead generation, but the best results are achieved by using a combination approach with multiple strategies. Here are seven categories of MLM lead generation approaches I will touch on in this article:

1)      Warm Market

2)      Local Prospecting

3)      Traditional Advertising

4)      Buying Leads

5)      Search Engine Marketing

6)      Social Networking

7)      Attraction Marketing

Warm market is where most people start their MLM marketing. Warm market means all of your friends, family, and coworkers- people you already know, or have known. It is the simplest and fastest way to succeed with your MLM lead generation strategies. These leads are golden. You can make mistakes; you can say the wrong things, but your friends will be very forgiving, in contrast to cold market.

MLM Lead Generation ListsBuild a big list. Having a large number of potential contacts takes the pressure off of each individual. If you miss one, you have plenty more to contact. With warm market you have the benefit of pre-established trust. If you’re trying to recruit someone into any opportunity it’s critical that they trust you, or you’re going nowhere. That’s why warm market is the foundation of a successful MLM lead generation strategy.

But trying to recruit people you already know can put them in an awkward and uncomfortable position. You have to do this right. They don’t want to disappoint you, but at the same time they may actually have no interest in what you offer. The best way to deal with your warm market is to approach those people with no expectations. Use a referral approach asking them who they might know that may have an interest, hoping they might say, “What about me?” You can actually alienate friends, relatives, and coworkers if you pursue them too aggressively. When dealing with warm market in your MLM lead generation efforts, bring them information without expectations. That’s the key. Warm market takes finesse and must be done right.

Local prospecting for MLM lead generation is called cold market prospecting. Why? Simply because of the huge amount of rejection- the cold shoulder you can expect. Some people find a degree of success by joining groups to meet numbers of people, but you still have to establish trust before you can expect to be successful bringing them into your opportunity. Patience and tact are really important here too. Local prospecting for MLM lead generation is not for the thin-skinned. Also realize it may not be something that is easily duplicated by most others on your team.

MLM Lead Generation with Traditional AdvertisingTraditional advertising avenues like radio, TV, print, direct mail, and outside advertising like billboards and ad space on buses or cabs is not very effective for MLM lead generation. However these methods will give positive results if you’re promoting an event. If your MLM company offers products that are widely used in the marketplace and you have a better deal, you could run a free seminar on how to reduce your cost for those products or services. Advertising that promotes an event can produce very satisfying MLM lead generation results.

Buying leads is dangerous unless you have no concerns about money, because you may find yourself wasting a bunch of it. Many list brokers sell their lists time and time again. And sometimes what they suggest is a highly qualified lead is only a scrubbing program pulling names and e-mail addresses off of the Internet. When it comes to buying leads, buyer beware. Start with a small sample from someone you have been referred to. Don’t ask me to refer one. I have had some miserable experiences.

SEM or search engine marketing includes both pay per click and SEO. Pay per click is very simple. Create a well-designed lead funnel that starts with your advertising on one of the search engines sites and directs people to a capture site with a compelling offer that gives you a high conversion rate and registration rate from your visitors. Then move them further with your autoresponder e-mail campaign. This is something you have to watch closely, especially when you first get started. Do your keyword research first to see who you will be competing against. Then set up a modest budget and a narrow target market. As you start to get results you can broaden your parameters. All advertising should include an A/B testing approach. With most search engines, that’s simple. MLM Lead Generation with SEO

SEO is an entirely different animal. Ranking on the front page of search engine results for highly searched keywords is extremely competitive, requires skill and patience, but can be incredibly rewarding once mastered. Being on the front page among the first three or four listings for a keyword that, in a pay per click campaign, would cost a couple dollars per click, is worth big money. The effort you put into SEO can pay great dividends.

Social Networking is a huge topic too. It’s all about relationships and offering solutions to those you meet. Most everyone starts by blasting their new acquaintances with information about their incredible business opportunity. That doesn’t work. People are not online or on Social Networking sites searching to find an opportunity. They’re looking for solutions so they can get more results with whatever products, services, or opportunity they are already marketing.

MLM lead generation using Social Networks takes time. There are many methods you can use to offer valuable information. Try them all. Get involved in groups. Offer free tips and information to break the ice. Add value. Interact, always thinking, “How can I benefit others and build trust so they want to interact directly with me?” I like to offer the Free Smart Media Desktop download because everybody appreciates it. Try it yourself.

SOURCE:  http://phillipjstone.com/mlm-lead-generation/

How To Get Free High Quality MLM Leads

Here’s the secret sauce I use to get free high quality MLM leads around the clock, the lazy way.

You ready?

I call it common sense SEO — or search engine optimization, minus all the thinking, analyzing and geekery.

In the simplest of terms, I create content that I know my target audience wants, then I give it to ‘em.

I do this by ranking that content at the top of Google.

So when a prospect types a certain search query in and hits enter, they find ME.

Most often, what they’re finding is a blog post (like you’re viewing now), but it can also be a YouTube video, press release, or any other web property I’ve created.


I’m a free traffic guy – always have been, always will be.

Yes, I mess around with paid traffic here and there, but my bread and butter is content marketing.

And ranking that content at the top of page one in Google (and Yahoo, Bing, and other wannabe search engines) is the equivalent to building a virtual ATM machine.

In my opinion, this strategy is far superior to all other forms of lead generation.


It’s free, so you only risk your time.

It can be done fairly quick, in as little as 15-30 minutes a day.

It’s the only real way to position your MLM business directly in front of BUYERS (more on this in a sec), so that sales come to you… as opposed to you chasing the sales, like most network marketers do…

It produces residual lead flow — do the work once and benefit for years to come.

It’s fun, flexible and makes for the ultimate lifestyle.  You create content only when you feel like it, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

And you can do it in your underwear, while sipping a Red Bull Vodka, like I’ve been known to do 😉

Can you dig it?

Of course you can.  The only question is how, right?

The Process

First, decide on a primary platform to publish your free content.

All of my Team Mojo members are leveraging either a souped-up Empower Network blog, their own WordPress blog or a combination of the two.

Click the video image below to see how I’m blogging my way to a $30,000 per month income.

If you’re not currently blogging, I’m assuming you’re one of those marketers who likes to do everything the hard way.

Maybe you enjoy prospecting, begging friends and family to join your downline, attending home meetings and approaching weird people at the gas station.

Hey, to each his own.


But, if you’re like me, and you’ll do anything to avoid all that tedious, uncomfortable nonsense…

… blogging is where it’s at.

Now, don’t sweat it if you’re completely clueless about how to get started.

Watch that video above and I’ll show you exactly how to get a badass, professionally-designed, high-performance blog for just $25…

… and all you have to do is start writing, hit publish, and your content will be live on the good ol’ world wide web, ready to rank high, draw in free traffic and covert that traffic into red hot leads who’re ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

I know, I know – too good to be true, right?


This is what I do, daily.

Like, hello, it totally… like… works.

Anyways… assuming you have a legitimate blog with at least one high-converting opt-in form or squeeze page, all you have to do is implement my common sense SEO and watch the leads pour in.

The process goes like this (at a high level):

  • Know WHO you’re talking to
  • Know WHAT they want
  • GIVE it to them
  • PROMOTE it
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Make a sandwich
  • LAUGH all the way to the bank

Sounds doable, doesn’t it?

Believe me, it IS.  Nothing complicated about it – hence the ‘common sense’ part – and yet, most MLM marketers either don’t do this at all or they go about it completely wrong.

Don’t let that be you.

This is probably the closest thing to an easy button you’ll ever see, so pay close attention to every word that follows and promise me you’ll take action on what I’m teaching you, immediately.

Because if you do – and if you’re consistent – a virtually endless supply of laser targeted leads are yours for the taking.

Not just any leads – the very best leads you could hope to get.

And 100% free.

Kinda makes you want to strip down and do a few naked cartwheels on a busy street corner, huh?

Me too 😉

Okay, here goes…

First up, you gotta know who you’re talking to.  What pocket of people out there are the most likely to want to buy what you’re selling?

The answer is not everyone, contrary to what you might think.

It’s not even most people.

Rather, it’s a very specific niched-down subgroup.

As an example, let’s consider my thought process in determining who my ideal leads were for Empower Network.

At first thought, you could say anyone who wants to make more money.

And yes, technically, anyone who wants to make more money MIGHT be interested in joining Empower Network.

But it’d be a waste of time to focus on such a massive, unfiltered sea of prospects – which, when you think about it, includes nearly everyone in the entire world.

Problem is, not everyone who wants to make more money is automatically interested in network marketing, let alone a hipper, tell it like it is, pull no punches type of MLM company like EN is.

See what I’m saying?

So after sprinkling a little common sense into the equation, it became obvious very quickly that my top leads would be those who:

A) Are open to joining an MLM business

… and…

B) Would enjoy a more laid-back, fun-first, wussy-free type of environment

I’d go so far as to create a hypothetical “avatar” that represents the perfect prospect for your team.

You should be able to answer the following (adjust according to specific MLM company):

  • What’s their name?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What kind of car do they drive?
  • How much money do they currently make?
  • How much money do they want to make?
  • What are their fears, frustrations and anxieties?
  • How do they communicate (slang words, etc)?
  • What internal dialogue do they have in regards to MLM?

Once you can answer all of that, you now know WHO you’re targeting and how to speak to them throughout your blog posts, as well as any videos or audios you might create.

But WHAT do they want?

In this case, my money leads want information.

They want help, hand-holding and guidance.

They wanna know how to get more leads, recruit more people and make more sales — all while doing less work.

They enjoy being entertained.

And they want to be a part of something bigger than them.

It may shock you, but I didn’t need to do a bunch of boring-ass research to arrive at those conclusions.

I just asked myself what I wanted out of network marketing… and why I was so drawn-in to everything unique that Empower Network brought to the table.

For additional ideas of what your sub-niche wants – on top of the obvious – you can swing by Google’s Keyword Tool.

Here’s a screenshot I took after entering “MLM” into the search box:

mlm keyword ideas

You can see that my audience is interested in forums, companies, leads (hence this blog post), secrets, leaders, opportunities, tools, tips and more…

All you need to do is write valuable articles on those topics, consistently, each and every day… and you’re most of the way there.

That’s the GIVE it to ‘em piece.

Just make sure when you’re creating this content, you’re doing so in a calculated way that constantly attracts and repels.

Don’t tiptoe around, trying to please everyone.

The whole reason for identifying your specific avatar earlier is so you can engage with that person directly and deeply – so that when that person finds your site, they immediately fall in love with you and your message.

And those who aren’t your picture-perfect prospect are repelled by the things you say and the manner in which you say them.

Let me clarify.

I’m not saying to go out and intentionally be the most offensive jackass on the net.

I’m just encouraging you to be yourself, speak from the heart, attract cool people that vibe with you and let the cards fall where they may.

Trying to market to everyone is a surefire way of connecting with no one and making no sales.


Alright, now that you know WHO you’re marketing to, WHAT they want and you’ve GIVEN it to them, really all that’s left is to PROMOTE it.

This is the “be everywhere” part I talked about in my 5 core commitments essential to a booming MLM business.

I’m not gonna go into a ton of detail here.

In short, when you’ve written a bomb blog post or filmed a gnarly video, you need to tell the world about it.

Thanks to crazy popular social networking sites, that can be done in just a few minutes.

So, post a link on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, bookmark it on Digg and StumbleUpon and give it a shout on any and every other platform you can think of.

Those mentions, shares, votes, backlinks, etc all scream, “Google, my stuff’s important!”

The ‘awesomest’ part?

After a while, you build momentum and others share your stuff for you, which means the promotion piece is no longer a necessity.

You steadily gain authority and pretty soon, you’re viewed as the premiere blogger in your space.

As a result, Google and the other search engines rank your content higher, faster and with fewer links, because you’ve already proven yourself to be the bomb dot com.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Free, quality leads flow like water, 24/7…

And because you did each step correctly – and especially because you targeted BUYERS – growing your MLM business has never been easier.

Well, that’s it.  The basics of getting hot leads for your networking biz, without spending a single penny or doing a bunch of annoying tasks.

For even more detail on how to quickly produce a lazy 6-figure income with multi-level marketing, follow this action plan to the letter.

Your MLM Lead Specialist,

Brad Campbell

SOURCE:  http://lazymlm.com/free-high-quality-mlm-leads/

6 Ways to Generate the Best MLM Leads

Leads are essential for any successful network marketing business. But where do you find the best multi-level marketing (MLM) leads? Is it lead generation, or do you buy leads? What’s the best way? Good question.

You need prospects for your business and customers to purchase products. Without the two, your business will not exist. So what is the answer?

Should you generate your own, or should you buy leads from a respectable leads company?

The answer isn’t as simple as you may think. Generating leads and having people come to you is the best scenario. And it works. It does take time. But in the end, it gets results.

Generating the best MLM leads is both a skill and an art that can be learned. One of the important factors to remember is that you are talking to real people. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Find out their feelings, their goals and wants. Then provide a solution. Build a relationship and then a partnership.

The fact is most people don’t care about your company, pay plan, etc. They care about finding a solution to their problem.

The good news. You can produce your own MLM leads. Today, the Internet has allowed us to do just that. There are many different ways to product the best MLM leads, but here are a few of my favorites:

1. Generate MLM leads with a personal website.

Learn to sell yourself. Why should someone join you? What makes you unique? And what value and expertise do you bring to the partnership? Answer these questions on your Website. Sell “you.”

2. Use an auto responder to acknowledge your MLM leads.

As leads visit your website, offer a “free report or newsletter.” This will build your subscriber list and allow you to communicate with your prospects. Use it to provide valuable information. Timing is everything. If the timing isn’t right today, it may be next year. Be that person who has stayed in touch.

3. Have an MLM leads generation plan and goals.

You will need to set goals and stick to them. Be consistent and stay focused.

4. Write articles to generate MLM leads.

Article writing is a great avenue for building a presence online. Submit these articles to e-zines and newsletters. Articles are powerful because you can present yourself as an expert in your industry.

5. Create a blog for MLM leads.

Blogging is fun and it allows you to write freely to your niche. Blog posts can be various lengths. Blog regularly and watch your traffic grow.

6. Learn to Squidoo for MLM leads.

Anyone can do it. It’s simple, fun and it allows you to monetize your marketing. I’ve created some of my best MLM leads through Squidoo.

Conclusion: Generating Multi-Level Marketing Leads

Generating the best MLM leads is a process that won’t happen over night. But it will happen. Pick one or two lead generating avenues and master those. Then, when you are ready add one more and repeat.

SOURCE:  http://homebusiness.about.com/od/marketingadvertising/a/mlm_leads.htm

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