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Free Internet Leads

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Questions and Answers

Is watching older movies on free internet movie viewing sights illegal?

My kid wants to watch harry potter 1 ,2 and 3 but we did't have them and we cant watch them instantly and our local Video store doesn't have them we've been looking for 3 days so im wondering if watching on free movie viewing sights is illegal.

Posted by bubbles
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Noway Jose- I use OVGuide to watch movies…They lead you to sites that are totally user friendly and not illegal at all…just type the name of the movie in the search box that you want to watch, and OVGuide will lead you to that movie of your choice. Hope this helps, and you find what you're looking for!

Free internet chat rooms?

Does anyone know any websites with free chat and video chat rooms?

Posted by logan
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Omegle is a band-new service for meeting new friends. When you use
Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like.

Tinychat is a 100% free, no downloads or signup required website that lets you easily video chat with others. You can create a video chat room and invite up to 10 thousand people to join in with you. Even though tinychat is simple, its still powerful and you can easily customize and moderate your rooms with skill.
Video & Audio Chat
Whiteboard Drawing
Invite Friends from facebook and Twitter
100% Free of Cost
Up to 10,000 users
No Download/Signup

BumpIn enables people with similar interests, needs, likes and dislikes to live chat with each other. For instance, with BumpIn, people searching for similar information can strike a live conversation, people following the same breaking news, sporting event or a blog post can start a live discussion, people interested in buying or selling similar things can share leads and negotiate live on BumpIn.
Chat: chat with people visiting the same webpage as you
Connect: connect with people with similar interests
Comment: comment on web pages you visit

Hang out and do stuff with friends and friends to be…
6rounds is a live meeting point, offering users a variety of experiences that they enjoy together using a combination of webcams, real-time games, social activities and media engagements.

Search online chat partners and find people from around the world to talk with, filter by areas of interest, age, gender and location.

buddystumbler allows you to make new friends. Meet people online across aol, yahoo, msn and google for free online chat.
Meet people online: use search page to meet people online by interests, location, age, and/or gender.
Make new friends: profiles include photos, blog postings and “online chat networks” they are available on. Post a shout out to let others know that you would like to meet them! Even better yet, request to make a new friend.
Free online chat: once you agree to be friends with another buddystumbler user, the two of you exchange im screen names and start free online chat!

We provide free, instant, and disposable two-way video conferencing. It’s simple, fun, only require that you have flash installed and, most importantly of all, it’s FREE!

One-to-one chat with random users, no registration needed and completely anonymous.

Chatroll is a place to create and share live interest groups. It’s a diverse and growing collection of groups created by people like you. Can’t find your group? No problem, just create your own! It’s an easy and unique way for you to connect with people and share your interests.

Now you can chat with all your buddies on every chat network available and use your favorite internet applications at the same time. Install applications built to communicate with your buddies through video, audio, events, or social networks without ever having to leave IM.

SayHello.me is a new web app that allows users to meet real people, make new friends, and even go on a blind date. Video chat with real people live with a webcam. Must have a Facebook account to use.

Have a casual discussion about any topic freely.
At Smalltalkr, having discussions regarding information, knowledge, trivia, news, or telling an old story are all encouraged. Regardless of the subject matter, chances are there will be someone who is interested in the topic and wants to participate in the discussion.

Chatride allows you to webcam chat with friends with no sign-up required. You simply send a connect link to your friend and when clicked the call starts. You may also place the connect link on facebook or twitter to speak to a random friend.

99Chats.com allows you to start your own chat room. You can also easily add your chat room to your website, blog, eBay page, social network profile and virtually anywhere on net.
99Chats.com allows you to extend your interaction with your visitors, providing you with realtime text messaging on almost any web resource.

Free video calling from any website with no downloads.
Easy to use, nothing to download
Talk to anyone, anywhere.

How can a person find mortgage leads using the internet, free prefably?

Just want to know where I can find customers using my computer?

Posted by busymom
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The reality is that the companies who market the best & the most are usually the ones to enjoy the biggest success – So it is very critical to advertise as much as possible.

While traditional Advertising can be expensive there are many classifieds websites on the Internet where you can advertise for free or cheap. I have used both free & paid advertising (like Google's Adwords) with some success some were good others were not as effective. I truly like Craig's free advertising & highly recommend them – A few people in the know also use this NEW secret website called Http://efreelist.org – The offer Free classifieds and allow you to post world wide The reason people in the know like this site – Http://efreelist.org is because:

1) It is 100% Totally FREE – There is Nothing to Buy, Sign or Join – No options, No upgrades, No Traps No BS – Just 100% Free!

2) They Allow you to post UNLIMITED FREE Ads Nation Wide & World Wide – No Restrictions.

3) Ads receive an tremendous response World Wide because of their huge traffic.

4) Once verified – The Ads are Instantly Turned on – No waiting period.

5) Even though I advertise one place their Java Script at Http://efreelist.org picks it up and simultaneously posts my ad on 200+ different sites around the world – Again NO CHARGE!

6) There is No Annoying Ads or Banners.

7) They Allow me to post up to 4 Free Pictures & I can edit my Ads at any time.

8) I don't have to go through Registration crap – I hate giving my name & address etc…..

9) There are No Hidden Agenda's – Just Advertise & go

10) I NEVER receive any spam BS. – No bugging BS to advertise or to upgrade!

11) And the most important thing for me is there is – There is No BS or Monkey Business…

12) There is No Catch – & No Bait & Switch, Nothing to join nothing to buy nothing to sign or other bull crap.

I highly recommend checking into free classifieds of all kinds & Http://efreelist.org – Best of Luck!

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