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Best Lead Generation Companies | Business Leads Training

Best Lead Generation Companies

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Questions and Answers

Lead generation query?

What are the key factors to consider in choosing a lead generation partner for technology leads. We are an IT services company aiming at the SME market. We have heard many horror stories of relationships that do not work out?!

Posted by peej
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This can really open Pandora's Box. What is your budget? What is your time line and time horizon? By that I mean are you looking for a "quick fix" that can be generated with a direct mail and/or PPC / SEM campaign and/or are you looking to develop a more organic/holistic approach via SEO, webinars, seminars, etc?

How much are you willing to do in qualifying the leads? Do you want a firm to make outbound calls for you and turn over warm leads to you or do you want them to make calls and then direct the prospect to a website where they sign up for a free whitepaper or report and then they are put into a drip campaign that coordinates a multi-media, multi-step approach to nurturing them along?

I can't think of an outsourced telemarketing firm that has lasted long term with any of the firms I've ever worked with so be tough when you interview a so-called lead-gen company.

Ask if they charge by the hour, by the call, by the appointment or by revenue generated. Ask and verify their referrals and testimonials. Make sure they have a track record both in your industry and with firms your size. Ask them how their success has been in the last 12 months since this recession really took hold. (We're seeing who has good business models and leadership in place now that people aren't spending like drunken politicians…er…I mean, sailors, these days.)
Ask them if they provide any type of trial period or even money-back guarantee.

And prepare all of these questions ahead of time and have them written down before you go in to negotiate.

Remember, life is good. It's "gooder" when you're selling!

Real Estate Lead generation?

Right now I use trulia lead generation which Ive gotten about 9 leads the first week I joined but then only 2 or 3 leads the past 3 weeks.Just asking but is there any highly recommend online lead generations website or Should I just stick to mouth to mouth marketing or what the best way to market? Im reaching out to all experienced real estate agents or brokers. Thanks for any advice.

Posted by MIke
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There are companies who sell lists of leads, however you should be looking at your hit rate, not # of leads.

Any good Real Estate lead generation websites?

I was looking for Real Estate lead generation companies. I know there are several out there but was looking for one that you only have to pay a referral fee only if it closes. We currently use homegain.com and have been very successful. I was wondering if there were any other websites similar to that one.

Posted by smilepurplefrog
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There are many Real Estate lead generation companies but one of the best that you only have to pay a referral fee only, just use the website below –

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