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Lead-Generation Firms | Business Leads Training

Lead-Generation Firms

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Questions and Answers

How you make sales outsourcing effective?

I have a sales outsourcing business in New York United States. My website is www.saleselites.com
I want to know How I can makes profit from my sales outsourcing business. I am running this business since 12 years. But I am looking more clients for which I can work as a sales professional team.

Posted by Sales
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Hi there,

If you are looking to open your sales funnel and to acquire new clients, I would recommend outsourcing the inside sales element, and the utilization of a lead generation firm.

Check out Lead to Market out of Bangalore.


I need some guidance about lead generation?

I have got a job in a consulting firm which specializes in providing consulting services for solar renewable energy. I am responsible for lead generation in this profile.Which can be the target markets for getting leads? How can I generate leads? Kindly advise about some ideas.

Posted by nilesh747
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You have to figure out who your customers and potential customers are. Are they people who have solar, or those that should get solar? What kinds of companies, individuals and governments have implemented solar already?

Let's say that solar is most implemented by home owners, factories and office buildings in warm, sunny climates. Well, then anyone in that category who doesn't have solar is a potential client. Are the decision makers the building owners or the maintenance supervisors? Or architects?

Are their magazines, web sites, or trade shows for people who buy, build or own solar stuff? If so, that's how you reach some of your audience. That's how you reach the people who already realize that they need solar help. Half of your audience doesn't realize that they need help with solar…those are the ones who are harder to reach.

Is there really a good lead generation company to buy leads from on the internet that are accrate and cheap?

Posted by SUSIE
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When I was a loan officer, I tried dozens of lead sources. Internet leads used to be good, but now they are resold so many times that the quality is compromised terribly. As an Account Executive, I frequently interview successful mortgage brokers about how they generate leads. Most of them have some kind of network like a religious group, Real Estate partners, or Attorneys/ CPAs to obtain referrals from— It takes a long time to establish these relationships, but it is well worth it in the long run.

If you have $10,000+ to work with, I reccomend Lending Tree, NexTag, lowermybills.com.

If you have $1,000 or so, I reccomend eleadz, or Leadbull.com. Just be prepared that you will have to buy TONS of leads (most of which are recycled).

The cheapest way is to contact a local Title Company (i.e. Chicago Title, Old Republic, or First American) and request a "Farm List". Tell them the criteria you specialize in: (what county, what mortgage amounts you are seeking, ARMS vs FIXED mortgages). They will generate a list for you for a nominal fee. Just make certain that you ask for contact names & phone numbers that are pre-scrubbed agains the national "Do Not Call" registry. You may have to spend a week telemarketing to get results, but It worked for me when money was tight. After a while, perhaps you can have a telemarketer pre-screen these for you (or hire a telemarketing firm, if you have the cash). Eventually (after years) word gets around that you are reputable and you manage to make a decent return.

Good Luck!

Account Executive-
10+ years Wholesale Lending/Mortgage Lending.

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Accounting Practice Development and Marketing Services …

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