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Lead Generation Sales | Business Leads Training

Lead Generation Sales

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Questions and Answers

Are there companies that use lead generation to get completed sales of your product or service.?

I have seen lead generation sites online, but are there services that help you complete or close the sales.

Posted by GaryG
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No – these companies are selling you a list of names obtained from various sources, which you then must contact and make the sale yourself. Some of these lists are nothing more than the list of recent home buyers who "may" be interested in buying your product (insurance, alarms, carpet, cleaning service). You could do this yourself. What you need is a sales rep. You hire a person or cover the job yourself. You may have to read books or take a course on closing the sale to help you succeed. There are some companies that try to sound like they have jobs waiting just to be assigned to your company – all you have to do is pay their fee. BS. Don't fall for that.

Anyone used an automated lead generator to boost sales?

I've seen a few programs online that basically cold call for you… Then fwd the call to your phone when a caller is interested. Anyone tried these and did they actually increase your sales? The ones I have looked at are quite expensive, are they justifiable?

Posted by Zach
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There are many inherent problems with lead generation services. Here are a few, poor lead quality, changed or inaccurate numbers and addresses, out-dated information and , above all the expense. Furthermore, the time wasted hunting all this stuff down could be better spent on upgrading the quality of your sales force. As the markets change, the world undergoes continued paradigm shifts, only the sales guys who are on top of their game will prevail. Many will starve. It's a fact. The biggest problem is that companies really do not want to pay a live salesman more than they think they can get away with. Funny thing, a couple of outfits I've worked for before, now pay me more to consult than when I sold for them. I left because they didn't want to pay. Guess what, they are paying me more for a lot less. Joke's on them. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Going for a sales job interview tomorrow. Help please…?

I am going for a sales job interview tomorrow and could do with some advice. I have never worked in sales before but the company still requested an interview so there must be some qualities i have that they are looking for. This is for a lead generation executive and by the nature of the job title it would be my responsibility to obtain future leads as well as looking after existing customers. I am comfortable with the concept of interviews but as i dont have experience in sales could do with a few pointers as the best thing to say. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Jane C
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As a sales manager, I am looking for intelligent people with a warm likable personality first and foremost. Second, I look for confidence. Not arrogance or I can close every deal, but someone who carries themselves well. Dress nice, have good posture, be aware of your body language, and be excited about the opportunity. Most good sales managers are comfortable that they can train the skills if everything else is there. Build good rapport with the hiring manager, act comfortable and you will be fine.

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Lead Generation: An Intro to Lead Nurturing and Scoring

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