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Lead-Generation Strategies | Business Leads Training

Lead-Generation Strategies

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Questions and Answers

How are Coke and Pepsi using their Web sites, to promote their newest product offerings? ?

Also…Do you see hints of any future strategies the companies might implement? Where?

Posted by ~*~
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In general, there are 2 very different strategies to using the internet. In general, smaller businesses that do not have recurring revenue tend to use the internet purely for lead generation to drive immediate revenue. On the other hand, companies like Coke and Pepsi are very large and basically have a captive market of people who are always going to buy their products. For them, the internet is about engagement – they want you to spend more time interacting with their brand so that you subconsciously you skew your drink purchases towards them.

Strategies that are typically implemented on the web are things like games or challenges where the customer has to do some activity and keep coming back to the website. Also, with the advent of social networking, companies are trying to get customers to engage with their friends in these interactive branded experiences. An example of this is what Burger King did with Facebook.

I hope this is useful!

What are general B2B strategies?

Posted by Plon D
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No simple answer to this question because it depends on the vertical market. However, we will generalize unless you choose to share the B2B vertical.

Typically you will try to source business from other organizations. Again, in general – one company is a wholesaler/distributor another is a consumer direct company.

1) Lead Generation – know who you should sell to. Identify targets by Revenue, not profit. Know which companies buy your products and the amount. Rank order them 1 – 50 in opportunity for your business.
2) Advertising / Branding – Sometimes a big part of a purchase, as with the consumer is, being comfortable with the company you buy from. Seeing them in industry advertisements is a feeling of security. In some verticals, not necessary. Usually much less expensive than typical Consumer Direct Branding.
3) Marketing – Mail, Online, Field /Sales Support, Collateral materials, presentations for the field. All part of closing the sale.
4) Customer Service – another vital part of keeping the customer.

Sales cycles vary, some are years. Some are weeks. Knowing what it costs to acquire your customer and the lifetime value is key to identifying the strategy that works.

How can I get lots of traffic to my website?

My website is scn–news.blogspot.com and I want to find out how I can get a lot of traffic !! For free or ways to do so.

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Improving Web site traffic is a tricky business. You can take advantage of quite a few different strategies. Many won’t cost you much whereas some won’t even cost you a dime. Find the right balance of strategies to draw people to your Web site.
1.Strong & Quality Content
2.Referral Programs
3.Building links with other websites
4.Advertisements By using Google AdWords
5.Blog Promotions
6.Lead Generation and Follow-Up
7.Holding Contests
8.Social Bookmarking
9.Press Releases
Find more at Http://greattips-online.blogspot.com

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Social Media Strategies for B2B Lead Generation

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