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List Building Software

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Questions and Answers

Web Building Software?

Does anyone know of a good web-building program. I used to use Microsoft FrontPage, but I recently got a new computer with a Windows Vista operating system. I heard that FrontPage doesn't work with Vista. Thanks!

Posted by jwlesq
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I have a list of programing software on my website with a short description and links to them. The site is also filled with helpful links on how to make a website. Http://www.wickedrant.com/comic/make-a-w…#Q2″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://www.wickedrant.com/comic/make-a-w…

Hope this helps.

Recommendations for free web building software?

I would like to build a web site using completely free software (by completely free I mean one that doesn't pretend to be free until you try to upload). I will be wanting to have videos and pictures as well as a message forum. Can anyone recommend something that is effective while not being overly involved to use.

Posted by wotsits
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I have a list of all types of software on my website at Http://www.wickedrant.com/comic/make-a-w…

My monitor has a built in webcam, but how do I use it?

I know my monitor has a built in webcam, but how do i activate it? I dont see anything under settings, or control panel, and when i try to use it for messenger it says i need to install one. Im confused. Please help.
I have looked under the device as you asked and there is nothing there at all, nothing even for an explanation point to be next to. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 530S desktop, the webcam is built right into the top part of the monitor, this makes me so mad! Im not good with computers…..any options? Meanwhile i am looking for the disc's.

Posted by Danielle
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Most built in web cams come with software preloaded on their computers. If the computers operating system was reloaded, then the drivers and software will be eraticated. The companion disks that came with your computer should have the application and driver on them. I would look in the device manager:
Start> Control panel> system> hardware> device manager.
Look under the imaging devices and see if the hardware is listed. If it is then the drivers are loaded, if there is a yellow question mark Icon as an unknown imaging device then you will need to load the drivers and software from your companion disk.
If the device is there, then look in the all programs list folder by folder until you find the software that drives it.

If this is an aftermarket monitor you bought after the computer then there should be a drivers disk and software that came with it, and it will have to be loaded.

Let us know if this is the monitor that came with it, and after market monitor, what the computer make/model is and if the imaging device is in the device manager and we will go forward from there.

Also is this a laptop or desktop?

Ok Breath ­čÖé

I found the users guide for installing the application and setting up your web cam here:
Note you must have the USB cable connected between the monitor and the computer in order for the web cam to work.

Also it says that you must install the application as it is not preinstalled with the operating system.

Here is a cut and paste from the instructions:

1. Insert the Webcam resource media into the CD drive.
NOTE: Ensure that the USB cable is connected between the monitor and the computer.
2. The Install Shield Wizard automatically launches the setup application. Choose your desired Language and click Next to continue.
3. Read Software License Agreement and click Yes to continue.
4. Click Browse to change the destination folder where the software will be installed to and click Next to continue.
5. Select Full Installation, click Next and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Click Finish to restart the computer after installation is completed. Alternatively, choose Custom Installation to customize the installation.

You are now ready to use the Webcam. The Webcam application provides the following functions.

Hope this helps

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