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List Building Strategies

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Questions and Answers

How to go about building a space marine army?

Any one know a good army list, or a place where I can find one?

Posted by GDP
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Everyone has a different strategy for how the like to play 40k. When building an army list, it may be useful to consult guides such as these two may be helpful:

A guide to playing Space Marines:
Choosing an army (includes army lists):

Also keep in mind how you would like to play your army when choosing a list.

Help me build a computer?

I need someone help me build a computer (home built-desktop)~to save money
Budget:$300~$450(10,000~17,000 pesos)i'm still a student you know~~
Prefer:a core with at least with 2.3 GHz
_____nice video card (which at least i can play resident evil 4/battle field 2 like games)
_____DDR3 memory card with at least 1GB memory
_____with monitor
i know this make me look lazy and yeah i tried do my own research but i always end up with a price higher than i can afford and i'm not a expert in computer hardware and plus there is also the factor of compatibility and this is my first time so i don't like to risk it, its better to consult someone with experience with it.

Posted by yujen
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A gaming computer with monitor for $450 is a bit much asked, and building a low-budget computer yourself is also relatively expensive because with a pre-built computer you get the operating system for free and this makes a $100 difference. Also nowadays there are good pre-built options that are not that much more expensive as home-built options, and laptops (that of course are always pre-built) are a good option also, especially if you also need a cheap monitor.

At the lower pricelevels a laptop might be a good option also, this looks like a great laptop to me ($430):
+ good for casual gaming due to dedicated graphics (didn't check the requirements for the games you mentioned)
+ very low price for a laptop with dedicated graphics and a mobile i3.
+ good user-reviews (worth reading)
-/+ relatively small monitor and keyboard (obviously, because it's a laptop) but at least there is a monitor and you could connect a hdmi-monitor later and also use an normal usb keyboard, so this laptop basically meets all your requirements, except that it's no desktop but a laptop.

No computer is complete however without a good backup strategy:
(starts with "it may be")
And a good way to achieve that is getting bootit bm ($40):
and some external hdd to save your partition-images on. (You could save your parttion-images on the internal hdd also but in case of a hdd-crash you loose everything, Note: i had some compatibility-problems with mobile hdd's so it may be best to get a non-buspowered external hdd with it's own powersupply or an internal hdd placed in an external casing).

Or get an even cheaper pre-built computer with dedicated grahpics (380):
add a monitor (90):
add an extra internal hdd (70):
and add bootit bm (40):

Final thought: From the 2 options i gave the laptop has my preference i think IF you can get it for that price because i don't think i ever saw a laptop with dedicated graphics below $500, or even $600, before, and $430 is a stunning price to me. It wil likely perform a bit worse then the desktop but overall it looks like the best choice to me. Also it comes with an optional 1 year ($24) or 2 year ($50) extended warranty for extra piece of mind:

How can I improve my list building for my website?

I have had my website for almost a year now and my list building techniques stink. I know that having a targeted email list is the best way to be able to sell your products and make money, but I just can't seem to get it right. Right now I only have about 75 names on my email list and I only see about a .25% conversion with the emails that I send out, so I am really not making that much money. Can someone point me in the right direction for a list building technique that has worked for them? Oh yea, my website sells natural beauty products if that helps any.

Posted by
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I was having the same problem as you until I read Matt Bacak's "Powerful Promoting Tips" as well as his "Internet Marketing Dirt" which is a monthly newsletter that he sends out. It really helped me out and increased by sales by about 30%. I went from having about 50 people on my email list (for a site that was 6 months old) and now my site is about 15 months old and I have about 500 people on my email list and see a conversion of about 3% for that list.

I have heard that a conversion rate over 3% is pretty good. The way that I see it 3% of 500 is 15, so if 15 people off the list buy my product that is valued at $30 then I just made $450 off a simple email that took me 15-20 minutes to write and send. Check out www.mattbacak.com for more info on what helped me make more money with list building. He has tons of ideas and they are strategies that he has actually used so he knows that they bring results. They did for me.

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MineCraft – Speed Build Cat In Top Hat

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