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Local Internet Leads

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Questions and Answers

Will formatting local disk C lead to lose of internet connection ?

I want to format c and reinstall the os but i think that after formatting i will lose internet settings which will lead to lose in internet connection is it true ?

Posted by Bhawar
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Re-installing windows on a reformatted disk will mean that you will have to set up your internet connection again but depending on the router you use, it will not necessarily be difficult.
If you are using a router that was supplied by your ISP as part of your service then these are pre-configured and as soon as you reconnect the router you will just have to follow a few on screen prompts to get up and running on the internet again. [like Connor's answer says]
If you have supplied your own router than you will need to insert the CD that it came with [you can also download the software required for set up from the manufacturers support site]. So if you don't have the CD and you purchased the router yourself, then make sure you download the setup software before you reformat and re-install windows whilst you have a working internet connection.
You will need to manually insert the username and password used for connecting to your ISP's service and wifi encryption settings, SSID etc.
You can access the setup and configuration for most routers by typing "" into the address bar of your browser [or refer to the manual or online documentation, on the manufacturers support site for you make and model]

What are local and global lead element issues?

What are local and global lead element issues?
Example : The H1N1 virus contains Lead
Please give your occupation ( optional )
URL if from internet.

Posted by Cen
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Issues with the element lead?
Lead poisoning

Leading Issues about elements?
The storage and handling of nuclear waste
unstable governments' access to nuclear weapons.

Yellow lead?

The yellow lead that comes with the internet modem dosnt seem to fit into my brothers pc? Does anyone know why? He has brought an adapter but still dosnt fit in. And whats this lead called? Thanks guys.

Posted by mel a
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If the lead is yellow I would 'presume' its a RJ45 network cable as the only other leads you would use for a modem would be a RJ11 and they are not usually yellow (but not a certainty!!) or a USB connection which I assume you have USB ports on the pc.

Check the size of the modular connection, if its just under 1/2 inch (11mm) in width then you have an RJ45 connector, if its any smaller then you have a RJ11 connector most likely.

RJ45 is a network connector an needs to be connected to a LAN port on the PC (Local Area Network).


RJ11 is also a network connector but this is mainly used for telephone/dialup modem cennectios.


If the cable is a ethernet cable (RJ45) then yor brother needs to buy a LAN PCI card which cost very little, make sure he has space for another PCI card before buying one though!

Good luck.

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