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Local Lead Detective

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Questions and Answers

Can a Lead Investigator working for the FBI lead a case on his own, or does he require to have a team?

I am a writer/filmmaker working on my feature, and I'm interested on how an agent of the FBI handles a homicide, serial murder to be in particular. I've done some research, but none of it makes it clear as to whether a Detective can lead an entire case on his own.

Posted by InVertigo
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The FBI does not investigate Homicides, except for Murders that happen on Federal property or the Murder of government witness etc. There are many services that the FBI performs that assists in Homicide investigations like laboratory services, Behavioral Analysis studies etc. But, unlike TV, FBI agents don't go out and investigate murders.

I spent over 12 years investigating murders (including one on federal property that the FBI was more than willing to let us handle instead of them).

What happens in a real Homicide division, is that the detectives work the "wheel". Everybody takes turns on taking new cases. When a job comes in, the Sergeant assigns it to the next detective up. If it is a suicide, or a suspicious death, the assigned detective may get two or three other Homicide detectives to help out (along with detectives from the local districts). If it is an "H" the whole squad turns out to work. The "assigned detective" or lead detective has to put the case together, but he or she gets assistance from the rest of the squad and of course the crime scene unit. District detectives and anybody else). The assigned detective holds that case until it is finished in Court, or until all the leads are exhausted, and he/she puts it up on the shelf. If something new pops up a year later, the same assigned picks the case back up.

In real life, nobody solves a Murder by him/herself. Death investigation is a team sport. It takes a good assigned detective, good murder cops, good crime scene guys, good laboratory folks, good intelligence information and it all starts out by being handled right in the beginning by good street cops.

The FBI is great at white collar crime, bank robbers and counter terrorism, but Homicide cases belong to real murder cops. And, they are always willing to help with resources.

In all of my years in Homicide, and hundreds of murders, I only saw the FBI take three cases. They were Federal witnesses who were murdered to shut them up. And guess what, we did almost all of the work for them.

Should I try to help our local police department with a recent crime?

A girl was murdered and stuffed in a crawl space a week ago (6 blocks from my house).. And I have been frantic/paranoid ever since.

I have read up extensively on every little detail concerning this matter. All news stories, news articles, the girls myspace and facebook etc…

Long story short, a lot of people in our community believe the (half-)sister did it. I can write a list of how the sister is the only one that could have did it.. And things that the police are probably overlooking (like the sister saying that her cat can "open the door for strangers").

Should I write a list and take it to the police? Would they even look at it?
Right now they "don't have any suspects".

It took them a week to find the body in the crawl space! Our PD is horrible!!

Posted by PlasticTrees
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Hey, its you again! Didn't I tell you not to be frantic/paranoid about it? Seriously, you are fine.

Do you have any real reason to believe the sister murdered her? (The mere fact that the sister's cat can open doors just means she has a very strange cat– it doesn't mean the sister's a murderer).

Every detective learns in "Detective School 101" that close family members are always the first suspects in a murder, so they have probably already gotten an alibi from the sister, or otherwise ruled her out as a suspect.

But by all means, if you think you have a real lead that the detectives are not considering, call up the PD on the telephone, and ask to talk to a detective, and ask if they have considered the sister, and give your reasons why you think she murdered her.

Hint: Don't do this if all you are going on is news reports and myspace accounts (unless it says something on myspace that definately indicates the sister was planning physical violence). If this is the case, then you will probably just be wasting their time.

Whatever happened to former LAPD detective Mark Furman?

Mark Furman was a lead Det. In the O.J. Investigation.

Posted by will C
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After the trial, Fuhrman retired from the LAPD and moved to Sandpoint, Idaho and wrote a book about the Simpson case, called Murder in Brentwood. For his next book, Murder in Greenwich, he investigated the then-unsolved 1975 murder of Martha Moxley and presented his theory that the murderer was Michael Skakel, nephew of Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Senator Robert Kennedy. Skakel was convicted for the murder in June 2002. The book was made into a TV movie in 2002, starring Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Oz) as Fuhrman.

In May 1998, Mark Fuhrman was given a polygraph test on the Fox Network show Lie Detector. The test's administrator claimed the results indicated that Fuhrman did not plant the bloody glove and that he was not aware of the bloody glove before entering Simpson's property.

More recently, Fuhrman has written books on the controversial subjects of capital punishment and the medical treatment and death of Terri Schiavo.

Most recently, he has written a book on the John F. Kennedy assassination. In it he advances a theory debunking the Single Bullet Theory while still maintaining that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. He claims that the Warren Commission was forced to adopt the Single Bullet Theory for political reasons. However, he says that a dent in the presidential limousine used that day in the chrome above the windshield vindicates the story told by John Connally that a first shot at President John Kennedy did not hit him.

Fuhrman is a frequent guest of conservative commentator Sean Hannity and a contributor for FOX News. He is also the host of the popular Spokane, WA radio show "The Mark Fuhrman Show" on AM radio station 1510 KGA between the hours of 8am-11am Pacific. The show covers local and national topics and includes many guest callers and listeners.

In response to the proposed book If I Did It written by O.J. Simpson to be published by ReganBooks (an imprint of HarperCollins), Fuhrman stated that he would drop HarperCollins as publisher of his own books in the future. However, Simpson's book has since been cancelled.

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