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Local Leads Targeted | Business Leads Training

Local Leads Targeted

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Questions and Answers

Targeting local seo………………..?

In local search engine optimization, you are guaranteed a greater chance to get to the top of search engine lists. A lot of people do not realize that local SEM is way better since you do not get to spend that much financial capital. Most large companies pay SEO services and that usually leads to added capital but longer time for return of investment.

Posted by Ain Bel
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I'm not sure what the question is, but yes large companies to pay for SEO services. The ROI is based on a longer time frame, but they also have a lot more at steak and cannot afford to be perceived as spam in the eyes of the engines or consumers. Large companies also do the same thing for localized search.

What is local listing?

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Local listing allows one to get targeted traffic. This is why majority of commercial website owners have their businesses or websites listed in local listings or directories.

There are local listing services on the internet that caters to businesses or websites based on a specific location.

There are several search engine services that provide these services. These include Google Local Business, MapQuest, Yellowpages.com, Google Places, and Yelp, among others. Web users who perform searching for a business will easily find goods or services within their specific area of search.

Business owners can take advantage of local business marketing as it can deliver tremendous boon for their business. In fact, local listing SEO is considered to be another form of effective search engine optimization for any website.

This is especially true for local businesses since online visibility can help the business flourish locally.

Most web users indicate the local places or cities that they wanted to perform a search on to produce a more targeted result on search engines.

Website owners must therefore make sure to align with leading search engines as portal for their local business. It enables their business website to compete with other similar businesses in the area where a local listing search is performed.

An example is when users type in a specific city or location in addition to a keyword related to their search.

Instead of typing in the keyword "bicycle store", the user will type in "bicycle store in Anaheim, California" as a keyword. This will automatically prompt the search engines to identify bicycle store websites that are locally based in Anaheim, California.

Can I get no-lead ammo in 17 HMR?

My teenage boy (he is almost 16) and I shoot shotguns at our local skeet range in California where lead is not allowed. Only Bismuth and Steel shot is allowed, lead is banned because it pollutes the lake.
We are awaiting delivery of his first rifle, a very tame small caliber rifle – a Savage 17HMR. It seems all the 17 HMR ammo in the local store uses lead bullets. Can we get steel (or other non-lead) ammo for the 17HMR and where? Our main concern is to avoid lead while doing target practice with real bullets.

Posted by Henry H
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There are no lead free alternatives at this time for the 17hmr.

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