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Testing for Lead Exposure..?


I am concerned in this few months after moving into an old building.
In short, I just feel different! I am worried if I may get exposed to lead in some way.
I know that the ceiling paint constantly chips. There are dust falling from it (I suspect) becoz almost every week I wipe my laminate floor, I almost always found white dusts.. Besides the lint or others.

I know that even minute exposure (inhaled / ingested) to lead can lead to lead poisoning symtomps.
I would like to get some kind of test that would reveal if this is true.
Is there such a test available to the public ?

I read Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead#Testin…
what are my test options to find out about this ??
What do they cost ?

Thank you for your help
I live in Austin TX.

Does anyone know any clinics / labs that provide the test ?

Does lead test commonly offered test in hospitals / clinics ?

Posted by just_ken_here
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The local health department will be able to test you. It might cost anywhere between $10 and $75. In TX, I'd guess it's closer to $75.

Where can I find the best Local Lead Company?

Posted by Davis
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I know these company Oynetwork.com I bought SEO and web design lead, they are the best local leads ever.

Misleading News Lead-Ins…?

Do you hate it when a local news station (Fox local news seems to be the worst) misleads you about a story in the promos? They seem to make it sound a lot more exciting, interesting, or imporant than it really is. Is that a valid way to increase viewership, or does it turn you off?

Posted by barbnefer
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Local stations have gotten worse and worse with this.It's gotten to the point where my wife and I just laugh them off, knowing they are nowhere as dramatic as the teasers claim.

I know competition is fierce, but it seems like journalism has just been tossed out the door in favor of ratings. Believe me, I feel your pain. 🙂

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