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World leading hospitals?


I was thinking what are some world leading hospitals for adults? I know that great ormond street hospital is world leading children's hospital but what Is for adults? Is their one, or is it just world leading in certain medical areas/ specialist areas?
Thank you.

Posted by Sam lIGHTHOOD
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U.S. Hospitals that practice collaborative medicine w/ salaried doctors:

Mayo Clinic – Rochester, Minnesota
Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland, Ohio

Other top U.S. Hospitals:

Johns Hopkins – Baltimore
Massachusetts General Hospital – Boston
UCLA Medical Center – Los Angeles
New York Presbyterian Cornell Weil (?) – NYC

Some top hospitals outside the U.S.:

Bangkok, Thailand: The Bumrungrad Medical Center has established itself as a Mecca in medical tourism, combing quality health care with reasonable costs. But steer clear of the hospitals and basic services in Thailand's coastal resorts. Thailand, in short, is today among the best places in Asia for top-rate hospital care at reasonable prices. Surgical fees for an appendectomy there range between $180 and $740; in Australia, a surgeon performing the same operation charges between $380 and $2,150.

Thailand has, at the top end, some of the best health care in the world.

I say this as someone who with my girlfriend has spent way too close to a million Baht and way too much time in hospitals in Thailand. (And in the States.)

The Bangkok Hospital Group (BGH) and Bumrungrad (BH) have better information systems than all but maybe a few hospitals in the States. BH runs Hospital2000. Research it. BGH something similar. Can your local hospital print pharmacy labels in English, Thai, Farsi, and Russian? Can a physician see your consult notes from another physician on the other side of the hospital ten minutes after your last appointment?

The physical facilities are very, very clean. And they are abundantly staffed.

Singapore: A star of Asian health care is Singapore's ParkwayHealth, with its 16 hospitals and 3,300 beds across the continent.
Gleneagles and Raffles are also good.

Hong Kong Adventist and the Matilda Hospital. But with China booming and ex-pat executives dashing to Hong Kong for medical care, the city's private medical costs are climbing at an alarming rate, rapidly approaching those in the U.S.

Sydney, Australia: Prince of Wales teaching hospital in is a leader in Australia's national health care system. Best kept secret: floors five to seven are for pampered private patients.

London, UK: Harley Street doctors have attracted foreign travelers for a century. But the gold standard remains the London Clinic. Established in 1932, it provides translators to wealthy clients who don’t speak English.

Zurich, Switzerland: Want Swiss-style pampering and quality? The world-famous Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich treats everything from headaches to cancer. Its more exotic offerings include a sports injuries clinic and a sleep center.

Paris, France: The American Hospital Of Paris, founded by American ex-pats in the suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, is as much a part of Parisian history as the Eiffel Tower.

Vienna, Austria: Fall ill while in Eastern Europe and you'll want to hotfoot it to one of the many quality private clinics in Vienna. Among them is the 160-bed Privatklinik Döbling. Others are Wiener Privatklinik, Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik and the Rudolfinerhaus.

Panama City, Panama: Hospital Punta Pacifica is a Johns Hopkins Medicine International affiliate. The other class act in town is the Centro Médico Paitilla.

What are the top 5 or so songs covered by a bar band?

Back when i used to drink, here are the songs i heard more than any other in bars by the house band.
1. Sympathy For the Devil – Rolling Stones
2. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
3 Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
4. Rooster – Alice in Chains
5. Hard to Handle – Black Crowes.

Posted by Dittohead
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As a lead singer for a very popular local hard rock cover band, these suggestions that are on here are very good, as are the suggestions by all the responses on here. However, your taste in music is going to drive you to places that play what you want to hear. Here are 5 we always get asked to play

Higher – Creed
Cumbersome – Seven Mary Three
Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Slither – Velvet Revolver
Like a Stone – AudioSlave

Again, it all depends on what your music preference is. But you really can't go wrong with just about anything that has been listed by everyone….

Painting over top of bad paint?


I'm renting a place that was built in the 70's and has a few layers of paint on it. The top most one was done badly and you can very easily scratch it off with a fingernail, and underneath you see a white. They also painted the baseboards the same color for some reason. I shall be asking my landlord for permission, but my question is this:

Is there a way that I can paint over the bad layer of paint with my own color, or will I have to remove it completely and start from scratch?

I'm not sure if the white paint underneath is a primer, or if it was the previous color.


Posted by ~*Emma*~
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Well, back in the 70's, they (I think) still used lead-based paint. I'd consider getting it checked out, as painting over it won't get rid of the lead…. I don't know if you have kids, but even to you it's toxic, and more so to them…

I also found this online:

Lead-based paint was used in homes before 1978 and is still found in older buildings today. The dust and chips from this paint are dangerous, because it has such a high lead content. Pregnant women and small children are particularly susceptible to the high lead levels in lead-based paint. Although lead-based paint that is not damaged or peeling is not dangerous, it requires removal as soon as it begins to deteriorate. This used to be done only by professionals, but now, special products are available enable you to remove it without creating more dust or chips that can harm you. Call your local municipality to find out about any regulations regarding lead paint before you begin

Read more: How to Get Rid of Lead Paint | eHow.com Http://www.ehow.com/how_4803550_rid-of-l…

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