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1000+ Free Lead Mlm

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Questions and Answers

What is the best MLM company going today?

I just wanted to know what MLM company do you think has the best opportunity and why. If you could also say what product they offer.

Posted by 2008topmlm.com
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Do your own evaluation and let me know.

First criteria for any MLM or NM company is your personal criteria by simply asking and honestly answering this question:

"Would I be still using this product or service if there was no business opportunity attached to it?" If your answer is "NO", then this is NOT the best company for you.

Providing you stick to the following 7 Foundation Blocks to evaluate MLM and NM company your chances to land with the best one are 1000 x greater than joining someone who is just plugging it for the sake of plugging. Do not be surprised to find out that many of those so called MLM gurus do not know how to spell MLM backwards, usually selling $49.95 information on how to get 300 people a day to join your downline, only for you to find out that they are not part of any MLM company, hence never done it themselves.

7 Foundation Blocks —

1*******the right reusable product not available in stores directly shipped to your customers; (you do not want to store the product, warehouse nor do you want to ship it, invoice it or collect the money for it)

2******the right timing with sensible turn-key and duplicable inexpensive Marketing Strategy in place; (none of that nonsense of making list of friends relatives dead or alive and everybody who said hello to you during the last 15 years, quickly landing you in an all exclusive NFL Club – No Friends Left)

3*****the right management with your own successful mentor;(top management must be experienced in NM Industry and your sponsor/mentor be a person who has been with the company for at least 12 months showing steady growth in her/his income, fully revealing his/her cost of marketing to attain such an income)

4****the company being at least 3 to 5 years in business with marketing potential to a large international population; (do not get stuck to one state or one country deal only with a promise to expand in the future)

5***the right compensation plan; (could write a whole page on this one)

6**the right cause and mission; and (very important, company must not be driven by corporate greed but willing and ready to share it’s fortune brought upon it by distributors. Should their project be of a charity nature like supporting underprivileged kids, make sure company fully reveals the administration costs to you. Administration cost should be ZERO or a maximum of 10%, anything over and above that represents another write-off for the company, taking those profits out of distributors pockets; basically a GREED masquerading as a charity)

7*the company should be privately owned with a chance for you to obtain shares as a bonus for your performance, it must not be publicly traded.

Stay away from any hyped up start-ups or Just-Launching-in-2-weeks deals with join-now-before-everybody-will. Company must withstand the test of time.

Any service or product that is dependent on any form of Government Licensing and regulation or de-regulation is very risky, unless you know a government you could trust your future and that of your family with.

Majority of programs offered for free and that cost nothing are, from the income point of view, worth exactly that — nothing. They are usually designed to gather information about an active e-mail accounts selling them as leads to spammers. Again use your common sense and ask the offering party for proof of income. If hesitant, you can be pretty well assured that he/she can't show any profits or their expense in time and advertising cost equals or even exceeds the cash flow received. Total waste of time.

There are virtually thousands of NM companies out there. I've spent well over $10,000.00 in 2006 to research and join many only to find half a dozen that would deserve my name attached to their name, product, service or Compensation Plan. Compensation Plans were the worst problem, mostly geared to reward just a few people at the top and to benefit company the most or bonuses paid on the highest levels with quotas unattainable to any part time distributor. These companies generally promoted their opportunity as an ideal to start part time and build it up. That is virtually impossible for a part time participant to accomplish with a full time job attached to his/her daily schedule.

Use the above criteria and let me know if you find a company that fits the glove. I am always ready to learn for I coach people in NM worldwide recommending only a very few companies so far.

Providing you are truly interested in more detailed and substantiated information on evaluating these companies, contact me at my gmail address listed in my profile and should you find a good company, by all means let me know. Thank you.

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