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Best MLM Company

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Questions and Answers

Which is the best mlm company in India?

Posted by SV Telecom
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Many MLM companies are working in India some are product based, some computer education based and some insurance based. The companied which are education based most of them are just money schemes because 99.9%members of such companies to whom they called distributors or business associates are not interested in their on line or off line education even company or main leaders put pressure to join new person so that they can generate money. And even their education are designed in such a way that student prefer to go to other institutions. So I think these are not real MLM companies, they are just quick money schemes, only a few people generate money from them other felt cheated.
Some companies are product based they boast of 70% return of middle man money which is wasted on advertisement, wholesale and retailer’s profit. But if you see their product price they are priced 700% higher than product available in market.
There are some other companies which deal in insurance. Some companies deal in life insurance and some deals in general insurance, companies’ which deal general insurance are just befooling people because they charge 10 to 20 times extra for same policy which is available in market. But some companies like RMP doing good job in market in such companies if someone fail to grow network he has nothing to loose because he got worth for what he had paid.
1.Credibility & Stability of the Company

2.Products (Valuable and useful)

3.Wealth plan

4. Professional Team support
I find all avobe only in RMP.

What is ACN? Or any of those MLM companies?

It sounds really fishy… ACN and those other companies that are similar. Is it a scam?
How do these companies work?

To me it sounds like a company that you get money by the amount of people you convince to join the company. Because 2 people have tried to convince me…to join acn or similar company. One guy tried selling the ACN services like internet…and he told me a bit about the company. He didnt really want me to join to become a member but to be a subscriber.

Today anotehr dude told me to join another company and it sounded really fishy. He wanted to meetup to talk about the project he is working on. Then i talked to him on the phone and he wasnt giving much information. Pretty much he wanted me to join the business.

So what I think is that the more people you convince to join, the more money you make.
Is this what it is?

Posted by BadBoyNiceGuy
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Sounds like your pretty new to being prospected. No one is going to give you what you want so you can make a decision over the phone. They want to sell you the idea. I would suggest you do some research first about MLM's first before you join. Go to the Federal Trades Commission first and read about what they say about MLM's. I've been apart of MLM's for over 10 years. I don't by into anyones hype, I know what I'm looking for and I don't listen to idiots who's first reaction is "SCAM!!!, RUN!!!" They haven't done their homework but of course have an opinion.

Educate yourself, understand that no business is a like and understand the differences. There are scams out there so you have to know what you are looking for. If you are truly interested you will invest the time or you'll do what most do and join with the idea you will figure it as you go. That's how most people do business in general, traditional and MLM's, and that's why there is such a huge failure rate. Learn to say NO until your ready to say YES…

Oh to answer your question ACN is legitimate. Like most MLM's you make money by joining as a rep and recruiting reps. Most MLM'ers are not really interested in having you join as a customer because they didn't join to really build a business, they joined because they saw how the comp plan works and want to make the big money. They don't realize they need those customers to be legitimate in the eyes of the law. I would personally stay away from those reps. If you sit down and talk to someone and they are okay with you being a customer and are not pushing you to join then I would consider talking with that person more. Understand that they will want you to join as a rep at some point but be patient and research the company before you make the plunge. Good Luck.

What are some good MLM companies?

Posted by Michal Morrison
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No such thing.
Any MLM company is a scam. Many will tell you it is not because they want to make money using you but beware, that's why it is called MULTI LEVEL MARKETING. The big guys on top always make money feeding of the little guys at the bottom.
They all sugar coat it with "best products" or "huge opportunity" but it's all the same.
There is no miracle in making money and money does not grow on trees. Work hard for it.

Another warning:
The consumer report rated most MLM as illegal because of their technique and some get away with their slippery legal words so be careful.

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