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Free MLM Leads | Business Leads Training

Free MLM Leads

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Questions and Answers

What is the best way to recruit for a MLM?

I just joined a brand new MLM and no one has really explained how to recruit or market the company and/or product. The more research I have done the more confused I get. The internet is full of people selling their way, but if I had a lot of money to start, I wouldn't have put my hopes into this company. And I don't need more answers that will cost me hundreds of dollars.

Posted by ccya
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You have to learn to think slightly out of the box. For example, many people are out trying to preach the fruits of joining the Reverse Funnel System (a new lead converting system) but they go about it all wrong.

Instead of just using the company provided ads and doing the same thing as everyone else that has joined the company teh more successful marketers will use several methods to include:

1 – Myspace
2 – Squidoo Lenses
3 – Free reports: for example – Http://www.howtosucceedatmlm.com
4 – Forum signatures…etc

There are many courses for sale onlien that deal with how to maket a program do a search online and you'll find plenty. However if you want a free education go hang out in the warrior forum. It's free and the information is priceless.


Can you get free MLM leads somewhere online?

Posted by natural_lee_sweet
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You can advertise for free on a high traffic site for seven days. Refer three people in your first seven days and up it to thirty days.You will want to keep refering to get even more time. Thirty days for three referals. I upgraded mine. Might as well get paid while my other project advertising is running.

MLM Lead System Pro does it work?

I am trying to sell herbal products and i really need to know how to generate leads besides flyers all over town. Everytime i hit a search engine i have noticed that i get an email saying buy this etc to generate leads. I also notice it may not be the same company but the same gimmick. Can someone advise if they used the MLM Lead System pro and got some decent results. From what I am gathering it looks like you are promoting their business and barely your own. I want someone to review my products. I have lost tons of weight and i actually really want to share what i learned with others. I dont have much money and i know you have to put out a little money out to get leads besides the social networking but i really want to be sure if i put out money it generates at least what i paid for it. Please yahoo members and not someone trying to sell this product from MLM. I already have tons of those emails by falling for one of their ** FREE MARKETING TOOLS. Do i need to buy my own softwear? Thanks Yahoo you always help.
Also i got emails from optmpress as well so please no more emails from this company as well. I know you have to put money somewhere but i really need to be sure i put my money in the right place. I am on facebook , craigslist etc. How long does it really take to see some results in the small leads i get would also be helpful. I know it takes time to sell i have energy but the MLM lead program was almost 45 minuets and when i found out it was another sell I was fit to be tied** I am not mad at their marketing but i just need to know is this the only way to get real leads besides on the street passing out flyers all day. Someone is making money and it has to be not just facebook. Thanks!!

Posted by dablack2004
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You are correct to be skeptical. The "Lead System" won't bring any actual buyers to your herbal-products website. You might get some visits by "bots" but no real human beings. It is a waste of your money.

The explosion in the number of websites has made it difficult to find buyers for any products. Then there is the worst economic conditions in 70 years.

You do not need any software to promote your website. It won't work.

Make up bumper stickers with your website name. Pass them out to friends. If you have a good diet, call the Dr.Phil and Dr. Oz television shows and offer to appear.

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