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Home-Based Business Leads | Business Leads Training

Home-Based Business Leads

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Questions and Answers

What is the best Home based Business to run?

Also online home based business too.

Posted by Pumpkin
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The best home based business for YOU is one for which you are passionate about and provides a large enough vision to serve as many as possible.

Since our success (the only kind of virtuous success) is determined by the number of people we can serve and provide value, the level of potential success for anyone lies in the ability of the business you associate with to help as many as possible.

It is also a business that fills the largest gap between the most urgent common problem and its solution. For me personally, I see the healthcare ("sickness" care) as the biggest problem that touches the most lives. Since medical mistakes and properly prescribed pharmaceuticals are the 3rd leading cause of death, I think people are starting to ask questions that gives the best opportunity to bypass that system. And for that reason, among others, I have come to believe that the 'Wellness Industry' in the form of nutraceuticals will be the next tech boom with the greatest opportunity to serve the many.

If this fits you, I would carefully research which companies are fully implementing GMP's (good manufacturing practices) and use only 100% plant-based resources for all their food supplements.

Good luck in finding what you're looking for. Regardless, I know that just the right fit is out there for you and I welcome you to the age of the virtuous entrepreneur.

Lagit home based businesses?

I'm looking for a home based legitimate business to do.There are so many out there that are scams..If anyone knows of a really good home based that really works,please let me know…
One that people actually make money at.No BS please….
Thank you.

Posted by amercngrl66
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Take a good look at yourself, and what it is that you enjoy doing.

I'd suggest that you turn that into a home based business. (Seriously).

For example, when I was looking to retire from woodworking production management….I started doing some woodworking 'for profit' from my home shop. I'd been doing it for years as a hobbyist, and of course, as a professional.
Another interest of mine has always been fixing homes. When my wife was ready to return to the workforce, we got to looking around, and I noticed a LOT of mobile homes bouncing down the interstate highways, and thought to myself… 'someone has to fix those things once they get where they are going'….and we started a manufactured home warranty service. My wife ran the home office, and I traveled all over the country with a service team. We made a profit from the very first year, which is unusual, as most new business start-ups lose money for the first 2 years. Business doubled every year, until I was finally disabled. Now, let me add, lest someone think that running the home office was a 'brush-off' job for my wife… Prior to our marriage, she successfully turned around a bookstore operating at a loss, into a very profitable store. She was also a trainer for WalMart. She has a good solid retail management background. By our working together, she learned what kinds of questions to ask homeowners, to determine what all needed to be done to the home, before I ever made the first visit… This saved trips, thus saving the manufacturers money. And the manufacturers loved having a contractor who actually had an office that they could contact during business hours, any time they wanted to.

I have relatives and friends who have bought a truck and began hauling things, another owns a construction business, another does some CAD design, another makes candles, another started a hobby farm….there are many many different things you can do from home. Being a woodworker myself, Im aware of at least one 'turnkey' business that will sell you all the plans and jigs, and advertising material, that will help you set up a small shop business. I also know of another for those who like to work with a lathe. But I will warn you of this… ANY business you own is going to require WORK… Lots of time, and work. These 'offers' of money making opportunities with no work, or effort, are scams. There are probably more scams available right now, than legitimate offers of work. If you have to pay someone else to gain 'access' to a work network, or some kind of list of suppliers… Theyre not offering you a job… They are selling you a list. You can get the same information for free, if you are willing to put forth some effort.

If you enjoy selling things, then look into Avon, Mary Kay, Home Interiors, any of those types of products for 'party plans', or person to person selling. If you prefer to deal online, then start selling on eBay, or Yahoo…. You can either sell items you make, or have made for you…or that you purchase from someone else for the purpose of reselling. If you just want to make things, then find someone else to sell them for you… Consignment shops are a great way to get started, and there are plenty of people willing to work the 'ebay' angle for you, for a commission. There is always the 'service' industry too…. Answering phones, writing reports, developing sales leads, all kinds of 'office' type work that can be done from home, if you have a good internet and phone service. If you live in a college town, you might consider transcribing reports for students (this could be done for any office professionals too), writing resumes, etc.

If you have no prior business experience… I seriously suggest that you contact the Small Business Association. They have mentors and workshops, and training, etc, to help you be successful. They can offer anything from advice and training, to small business loans. They will help you write a business plan. And its all free help.

Start Networking. Keep track of your friends, family, and business people that you meet. Get to know them, and keep track of this information. This network of people can either be a potential list of customers, or a source of help.

Get a good piece of accounting software. I like to use Quicken…I could use QuickBooks, but in my opinion, that product costs more than it is worth…I can design all my own forms and reports easily enough in Quicken. And, Quicken works well with Turbo Tax (I prefer the Home and Business version of Turbo Tax). When you fill out your "checkbook" register in quicken, and enter your expenses, and what they were for, then Turbo Tax can automatically enter those expenses into the correct 'deductions' for tax purposes. It saves a lot of time. If you are not familiar with using software like these, then use an accountant until you are.

Bottom line is this… There are as many ways to work from home, to create a home business, as there are people. There is no one single 'magic bullet' that makes money for everyone. Even the late night TV 'infomercials' advertising ways to make money add disclaimers that the results shown are not typical, and it depends on YOUR effort and involvement. (Personally, right now, with the housing market as it is, I'd avoid spending money on anything that has to do with buying/selling homes, or morgtages, or 'notes'. Again… Find what you really like doing (because if youve got to work at it, you might as well enjoy it, hehehehe), and start from there.

Have Fun.

I have a home based internet business and need more leads?

I buy leads from 2 companies but it always seems to be a waste. I don't really sign up alot of people that way and end up working them very fast. I think alot of people ask for information when doing a survey and that is a waste of my money. I advertise on myspace and a few other ways but what is a good generator that you do not have to pay alot of money for that will be worth my time.

Posted by melissa d
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Don't waste your money buying leads or emails from others. You can get more FREE traffic/visitors using these techniques:
1)Viral Pictures
Viral is closely connected with something that may spread easily.So i suggest you to create a viral picture which is closely connected with your products and spread it.
Everyone likes funny pictures and they don't mind sharing it with others.It's viral.So, If you're selling a health product, then you may create a funny picture about it and put your website's name on it.
Next, just forward it to as many contacts as possible using e-mails. Whether it's a 12 years old kid or 21 years old adult.They would just love and share it with others. Can you see how easy it is?

2)Viral Videos
Videos are the most famous entertainment on the Internet.People would just love it dues to it's effectivenes in spreading the message. So i suggest you to create viral videos about your product and again put your link in it.
If you got 3 minutes video, then make sure your website's link is visible throughout the whole 3 minutes.If you don't have the necessary tools to create a video, then you can simply collect 5-10 viral pictures and then convert it into video using Windows Movie Maker.
Then just upload it to You Tube or Google Videos. Now using bluetooth everyone is exchanging videos from their mobiles or computers. If your video is viral enough to attract others, it will easily spread to others.
Suggested Links:

3)Yahoo Answers
I probably won't be answering your question if i don't know the answer. And i won't suggest you any websites link if i think that it's not going to help you.
So simply answer any questions that you're knowledgeable(your niche market) at and put a link to your websites as extra source for others.
If your answer is good and solved the questions, people would also expect for more tips and suggestion from you.If you suggested any website links, there are high chances for anyone to visit it.

4)Forum Marketing
Forum Marketing works just like Yahoo Answers. They would be a lot of tips and questions exchanged in any forums.
So start getting active and contribute to any forum members and they will appreciate your expertise and start visiting your websites for more up-to-date tips.
Suggested Links:

5)Newsgroup Marketing
Promote your expertise and links in newsgroups by contributing your tips to other members.
Suggested Links:

6)Article Marketing
Write articles within your niche and submit it to article directories
Suggested Links:

7)Social Networking
Use social networking sites to promote your products and links. As you know social networking sites are self promotoable. If you got a nice profile with beautiful pictures in it, i bet you'll get a lot of visits from other members.
Suggested Links:

Other Web Traffic Generating Tips:
1)Free Press Release
2)PPC Ads(It'll cost you money)
3)Joint Ventures
4)Newspaper(It'll cost you money)
5)Sms(It'll cost you money)
6)Word Of Mouth
7)Pamplets/Flyers(It'll cost you money)
8)Business Cards(It'll cost you money)

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