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MLM Business Opportunity Leads | Business Leads Training

MLM Business Opportunity Leads

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Questions and Answers

How do you build your home business?

I am currently building my MLM business. 2 months in I have started my downline off strong but the next hurdle is further developing my downline. I really need people who are interested in building a home business. My biggest problem is HEAPS of people want to buy the product but not the business. The product is the lotto (what could be easier???). I sell memberships to my syndicate club that gives players better odds at a much cheaper price than playing on their own. 86% of adults play lotto so thats the easy part. But how do I find people who want to build a business with me? I have a few already but more are needed. I dont like buying leads because I dont trust them to be worth the money.
Tell me how you did it.
You can check out my homepage at www.tsc2000europe.net member # JB1469 password joel8

Posted by Joel B
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Try researching it in the Business Opportunity Search Engine

Your results from the community powered Business Opportunity Search Engine are much more focused than a general search engine and they will continue to learn and adapt, anonymously and automatically, based on the search behavior of every search you request.


What's the best way to get leads for my MLM business or opportunity seekers?

Posted by stevemhall@ymail.com
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Ever wonder why every MLM is under review by each state
atty general for illegal operations/

if you primarily recruit, that is committing a felony.

Check with MLM and lawsuits and Amway's suit that
forced them to Canada!

Anyone heard of the Home Business Success Academy? ?

I am in a Multi Level Marketing company and want to find out more about the organization before spending the money.


Posted by brian s
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I've been in MLM on and off for over 6 years and lost nearly $8,000 on training materials alone.

I've only been involved now with the Home Business Success Academy for 3 months, but I've already made my investment back and for the first time ever, I actually feel like I have leadership and systems that make sense.

Before I was just selling a business that wasn't making me any money, and I never felt right about it.

Now that HBSA has taught me how to lead with the product and close with the opportunity, and the fact that I've been taught and supported through learning how to attract the right people who already want what I have first and foremost based on their aches and pains (I market health products), it's a no brainer. I've also discovered something rather interesting and that is that 75% or greater of my customers have gone on to want to build a business with me.

I'm not going to try and use this comment as a way to pitch you or anyone reading it to come and inquire with me about me and my business, in that as cheesy as it sounds, these guys have taught me enough ways to generate leads and traffic that I'm frankly overwhelmed with incoming requests just in applying a few simple techniques, so I hope you can see that I'm trying to be as helpful here as I can.

The best part overall is that the mentoring staff, and the training itself has taught me a system of teaching others and instead of selling, I've been taught how to do what they call an "Interview" close. Really powerful shift in perspective.

I suggest you keep doing your research and then do what you gotta do. I wish I had been introduced to this a long long time ago as I would have saved thousands and been making a lot more money right now, but I know it's just a matter of time now as I finally feel like I "get it".

As far as the other home boys comment above which is evident that he has been a victim of MLM as many people have been, it's true that some people swear by MLM and others swear at it, but at the end of the day these guys (my mentor is a guy named Dennis who rocks by the way) have helped me understand the supply/demand equation and I can see how this education translates to promoting anything to people who actually are seeking the benefits of something I might offer.

Also they don't just allow anyone to sign up and pay the money. I heard they get like 20,000 applications each month and they accept very few because they have a guarantee for those who do get accepted, which makes them have to be very choosy.

When I was applying I sort of felt like I was having to sell them on accepting me rather than the other way around which I really appreciated. It was pretty intense actually, but I respected them for not trying to sell me the program.

This is not for everyone and it sort of freaked me out when I first started, as it was a shell shock, but now that I've made progress, I'm really really happy because I know from finally learning how to track my stats, that I'm on the right track.

I've not made a million bucks, or signed up a zillion people yet, but the guarantee of making 75K in the first 12 months is a no brainier at the rate I'm going.

I really should send this testimonial in to them. I think they would appreciate it LOL. Never sat back and wrote this out before.

Hope it helps you man.

-J. Babcock
La Jolla.

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