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MLM Lead Generation | Business Leads Training

MLM Lead Generation

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Questions and Answers

How to hire va to build your mlm business ?

Posted by Pax
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Hi Pax,
I think you mean virtual assistant.

There's several idea which can benefit your MLM networking.
Hire a VA with good skill of lead generation to build a perfect list on your niche
When you have some mailing list, order a great writer to create a marketing letter for you
After that, hire VA with great skill of mailing/emailing to send email/mail to your prospect

Hope it help.

Pyxism Business – Any lead generation tips?

Hey, I'm thinking about starting a new business with a company called Pyxism. I've been in several company's before and am a member of the "NFL" club. What are some other ways I can bring people into my business besides going after people I know?

Posted by
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Hi Matt,

I've actually done a little bit of research on Pyxism and it looks like one of the better of these new travel matrix programs that are popping up. That being said my TOP recommendation for building a long-term passive residual income is to build with a company built on autoshipment of products from thousands of happy customers, but programs like Pyxism have their place too.

Regarding lead generation, I found myself in the NFL club at one time too! 🙂 I actually really didn't have any big success until I started generating my own leads online. After I worked with my warm market I started calling purchased leads and found there is a HUGE difference between calling people up that aren't necessarily expecting your call and haven't heard of you before, and having people call YOU wanting more info on your business. I'll take the latter every time! 😉

Here are a few suggestions:

I recommend you get clear on your overall approach first. Most people lead straight away with their opportunity, but for most types of ONLINE marketing, I think you'll find it best to first build a relationship with your potential new distributors so that people can get to know YOU first.

You can do that by offering free information, training, resources, tools, etc., and maintain communication with them through methods such as regular email follow up, phone calls and webinars, which you can build into your sales funnel.

Once people view you as a leader (it's not hard), and get to know, like and trust you, you'll find it is easy to have a steady stream of eager prospects looking at your MLM business.

I'd also recommend you have something called a funded proposal in your lead generation sales funnel, which is a way to create multiple income streams from the leads you generate, whether or not they join you in your main MLM right away. This will help your business stay in a positive cash flow while you build your MLM for that passive residual income.

That's a brief answer, but I hope that helps. I actually have a system that I use to build my business that has all of the ideas I mentioned above already built into it (so you don't have to figure this out all by yourself). You can get more information on that system and sign up for some of my free marketing training at my website below:


You're going to do great! Network marketing is an awesome industry that has given me life back.

Best to you,


Anyone have comments on "lead generators" for use with MLM companies?

Have been successful in MLM many years ago, am now going to build another group and want to know if anyone has experience with lead generation companies and success rates. In MLM, you only need a few leaders to move quickly but it is very hard to find those willing to do the work to be trained to make a success due to the non-traditional nature of the business. Thanks.

Posted by Ben P
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What you say is so very true, if you are going to out source the lead generation aspect, you will need to research the companies and when they show there results also ask them for criteria used or how they bench marked there results. Because some don't recognize hang ups just no answers. I am to just about to launch my own similar type a MLM company, but i am going to try a different approach. Telemarketers working from home on a high commission base.

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