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Buy Sales Leads

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Questions and Answers

Anyone know any companies in the uk who buy qualified sales leads?

I have a database of qualified sales leads , ideally for companies who deliver Training or risk assessmnets for dental practices in the UK . I'm sitting on a goldmine for these types of companies. As each one would return at least £1000 per year via training and risk assessments that these dental practice need to undertake per YEAR! By law.

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I'd try selling this to one of the many agencies who provide leads – look up marketing press for details or a quick online search should give you a plenty and then try find some that deal in that industry, its probably quite a niche product which is both to your advantage and disadvantage.

Can anybody explain what is sale and what is lead ???????

Can anybody explain that the difference between lead and sale…

I am also interested to know about PPC, PPS, PPL, PPA.

Pl give me the brief description.

Posted by Kranthi K
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A sale means someone bought something. A lead means they are interested.

As for the PPs:

Pay per sale: The affiliate is paid a commission when a sale is made.

Pay per lead: The affiliate is paid for a "lead", in other words when someone fills out a form or subscribes to a newsletter.

Pay per click: The affiliate is paid for each click. No sale is necessary.

Pay per action: This is an imprecise phrase. The affiliate is paid when some action is taken, such as filling out a form or perhaps when a purchase is made.

What is the best place to buy sales leads lists?

There are a number of sites that offer sales leads lists for sale, but I want to find one with a lot of information, emails and names, numbers and titles, not only the emplyees name. Can anyone help?

Posted by knowledgeable
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I own a very large debt and loan mod business. I have been doing business with Global Corp marketing for about 7 years and they ahve always treated me the best and have the best quality. There website is globalcorpmarketing.com To my knowledge they have won many awards and are at every large lead convention.

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