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Insurance Sales Leads | Business Leads Training

Insurance Sales Leads

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Questions and Answers

Free insurance leads?

Does anyone know where to get free insurance leads for sales?

Posted by JJ
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Hi, your friendly insurance rep here again! 🙂

This is a somewhat long one, but a valuable one. If you want good free leads, read on. 🙂

When you are new and looking for leads, one thing you can try is to look at the web site used by your local registry of deeds. They post the data on all recently closed mortgages in your area including the names of the borrowers, the street address, the amount of the loan and the lending institution. Make a spreadsheet of the data and either use a telephone book or web site to get the phone numbers, check against the do not call list, and give a call.

Warning – this is cold calling and will generate a low response rate, but at least it is free.

To those who wonder why, after you buy a house, you get storms of letters and calls from insurance agents, alarm system companies and the like, that's the reason – your information is all on the local registry of deeds web site and a matter of public record.

A better, and friendlier, way is to form a relationship with local mortgage lenders. Every insurance agent in the area has already done this, and I'll give you an idea about how to show you have more value in a minute.

The reason to form the relationship is that the mortage lender has all his client's financials. He knows the people and they have some level of confidence in him. You can explain to him that his clients are about to get bombarded by people doing what I just described. If you have shown the mortage lender your value, that you are honest and helpful, he may help you out. He can help you out by saying this to his clients at closing:

"Mr and Mirs. Client, thank you for working with me and welcome to your new home. There's one more thing we need to discuss. Now that you have a mortgage of X hundred thousand dollars, it's important to think about getting enough life insurance to make sure that if one of you should pass away, your family will keep the home. Your mortgage is a matter of public record. (YES, HAVE HIM TELL THEM THAT). Because it is, you are going to get a LOT of letters and phone calls from insurance agents soliciting your business. I recommend John Q Agent (YOU), who is a local representative I've worked with before and who has treated my clients with respect and delivered honest service. Rather than trying to sort through the letters and guess which one you should pick, may I have John give you a call?"

And just that easily, if they are concerned about losing the home, and theyr mortage broker develops good relationships with clients, you've just beaten the entire swarm of mails and phone calls. Just never, ever embarass that mortage broker.

Here is how you can show him your value to him:

1. Appeal to his desire to serve his clients. Make sure he knows that he can use you as a selling point to better serve his clients. With your help he can make sure he knows his client's families will ALWAYS be able to keep the house even if tragedy strikes, and can tell his clients that. "When working with me, part of the service I offer is to help you weed through the local insurance agents by directing you to an honest one so you can get the insurance you need to make sure that you KEEP the house you're buying even if disaster strikes, something my competitors are not doing."

2. Make him some money. No, I don't mean pay him a finders fee for leads. That's tired and worn out. Tell him that you want to PARTNER with him in serving his clients. The way you will do it is this:

If he gives you 3 leads (GOOD ones, not crap, and make sure you discuss the difference) within one month of you having this discussion, you will buy him the study guides for his Life Insurance exam, pay for the test and license, and get him appointed with your company. That means he can legally split commissions with you. And he did not have to spend a buck to do it. Now, who is he gonna want to partner with, all else being equal – the guy offering him $10 or $25 a lead? Or the guy who'll give him 25% of the commission no matter how huge it gets?

And when the other guys in his office hear about you, who are they going to call asking to partner with?

When trying to make this arrangement, remember, you can do this with as many guys as you want. There is no conflict of interest. Each guy can refer as many people as they can to you and they all make money without interfering with each other.

At the outset, though, it will cost you, and if you are a new agent, the price tag is high. That is why you have to have some courage. Walk into the biggest local mortage ship and ask to talk to the biggest producer in the place. When the gatekeeper asks what you want tell him or her that you are looking for the best in the office and want to work wit that person and are not interested in wasting your time with the tenth place guy. If you're going to spend the money to get someone licensed, they have to be worth your time. Act like it because it's true. The bigger that producer is in mortages, the bigger his clients are going to be and the bigger their insurance needs will be. That means the commissions will be higher and HIS or HER split will be more money. A top producer will get that. A newbie won't get it.

Interview the mortgage producer. The tenor should be one where you are trying to decide if he or she is worth your time. That's because you ARE You are about to spend hundreds of dollars on this person. Find out how many loans they write in a year and for what clientele. Determine if that person is the right guy, and if not, find someone else. Tell them your offer is a business offer and put it in writing. Tell them their committment will have to be in writing as well and that under any one of three conditions they owe you 50% of the money back:

1. Failure to schedule and take the test within 3 weeks of receiving the study materials

2. Failure to pass the test by the second attempt.

3. Failure to deliver, after passing, getting licenses issued by the state, and getting appointed by your company and carriers as needed, at least half as many referrals per month as loan contracts written (meaning they should be referring at least half their clients to you). If they can't, tell them step one is mandatory weekly sales coaching including awkward role playing for one hour on an evening or weekend in case it's their presentation that is lacking. After that it's termination of relationship with refunding of half the money you spent on them.

Don't back down on the conditions. You have to demonstrate that you are a business PARTNER in the arrangement, not some scrabbling weenie desperate for a lead. If they object, ask what their concerns are. Anyone who can pass the mortage exams should be able to pass the Life exams. The answer to wanting more than 25% split is, "I'm sorry, those are the terms. If you feel they are unfair, I'll accept that and ask if you'd introduce me to whoever is the next highest producing loan writer here?"

Be polite but firm. You're offering these guys a chance to make a boatload more money from their clients while also serving them.

When you have that arrangement in place, you will get a lot of leads and after the initial investment they will all be free, prequalified, WARM, EXPECTING YOUR CALL and ready to talk.

The same process works for P&C firms that do not also write life contracts. A sweetener is that you can offer to direct your existing book of business to them to give them the opportunity to quote on your client's home and auto, etc.

Good luck and remember – it's a relationship business. Stress how you can help them serve their clients better while making more money, so everyone is on the winning side.

Insurance sales agent?

Why is it so easy to get offered an interview as a sales gent for an insurance company? I recently graduated from a 4 year university and the only experience that I have is working as a receptionist at a doctor's office, no sales experience whatsoever. I am getting calls and emails from employers saying that they are interested in scheduling interviews. Can someone tell me what it is like in a day of the life of an insurance agent? How are the co-workers, the managers, the clients to I have to go door-to-door, make phone calls to prospective clients, go to their houses to make the sale once they are interested? Will someone in the field who knows exactly what they are talking about please let me know?

Posted by summitgirl06
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What they want you to do is to sell everyone in your sphere of influence. It is a body shop. The more bodies they have the more leads they have = more sales. After they have sucked up all your relatives and friends parents they hand you a phone book and tell you to make your own leads. You will quit and a new person will come in ….rinse and repeat.

What is an insurance sales lead?

What is an insurance lead?

Posted by Jack
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The name and number of someone who is potentially interested in buying insurance.

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