The training videos are below, but before getting started, we need to set up some ground rules. Keep it rated PG-13 or better. Keep your descriptions to 200 words or less and three pictures or less. If you upload a giant picture file, it will slow down the process and won’t display well. Keep your pictures to 600 pixels wide or less and you’ll learn how to make those adjustments in the video series.

For those of you who simply want a store to pin MISC items that you have for sale, that’s your call. For those who have a local “brick & mortar” business and would like to add Paypal options to your pins for immediate purchase, or you’d like to link your content to existing business websites, videos or other content, you’ll learn how to complete those steps here in the video series as well.

That’s about it. Keep it clean, keep it within the guidelines mentioned in the video series and have fun.

Next Step: Keep this page open and click the following link that will open in a new window. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll have your store activated and can begin watching the video series below.

Store Activation



Facebook Link

PayPal Link

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