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Sales Lead Lists

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Questions and Answers

What are sale leads???


Posted by bobo
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Leads in sales are basically people that MAY buy from you. If you made a call, or if you are doing business on the internet and you send out a sales letter to a list of subscribers, those are your leads.

If you advertise something on a website, and someone contacts you for further information, that could also be considered a lead.

Basically a lead is someone that seems willing to buy from you.

How to do a sales lead follow-up?

I am applying for my first customer support job with a software company & the position mentions "sales lead follow-up"

I know that the company wants to build its client base, generate sales but how is this done with sales lead follow-up? What would I be doing?

Posted by James S
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In my experience, a sales lead comes from someone who visits a booth at a trade show or calls in to customer service expressing interest in a product. The sales person would then call to follow up, feel out what the customer is using/wants/needs and quote them on various recommendations. Just make sure it's not a telemarketing job where you're cold-calling off a phone list.

We are part of growing sales lead generation group. So we need to get accurate company information to enhance?

We are part of growing sales lead generation group. So we need to get accurate company information to enhance our productivity. Anyone can suggest a reliable source?

Posted by Camile L
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Hello. Our firm provides lead generation for dozens of companies, and in our experience, purchased lists often contain 30-40% "bad" data.

What we've done to work around this is to attempt to secure fairly updated lists online, using published industry directories. Our goal is to find company names and urls first, not worrying about accurate contact info, as in today's economy, it's very likely the decision maker has changed. To "backfill" our list with accurate contact info, we actually call and qualify each record we've found online. Although somewhat labor intensive, the accuracy of the data pays off quickly, and the end result is a pure list that you own.

Best of luck.

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Sales Lead List Free

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Questions and Answers

Are there free emailing lists on the internet.?

I need an email list and can't afford to buy one. I searched online but wasn't sure if that's what I wanted. What's your opinion or recommendation on free mail lists (if they actually exist.)

Posted by Dayor Knight
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They are pretty much useless to gain any sales leads. I tried a paid list and it generated 0 sales, and less than 100 page views. Try making a few craigslist ads. I've gotten more results with that than anything, and it costs no more then time your ad would take.

Where can i get good sales leads for manufacturing companys for free?

I need names and numbers of vp's, engineers and upper management so that i can contact them.

Posted by friskeygrl
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If your in the UK then every company's directors are listed on Companies House's web site with access avaliable to the general public.

If this is any help to you this is there site Http://

Who Likes FREE Advertising Space?

Who Likes FREE Advertising Space?

That are REAL ADS, NOT classifieds.

That won't make you put a link to their site on your website!

Best Answer Gets 10 Points.

Posted by EmGrl
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I've had the best luck with easy to use and free advertising site Http:// I listed with them a few months ago for a free account and I get leads from they daily. From all the free advertising sites I've tried, this is the only company that gives me qualified sales leads from local/national and international customers. Good Luck!

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Sales Leads Generation

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Questions and Answers

Will sales leads help me find clients for my janitorial business?

Posted by William S
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Sales leads may help but many times these leads are sold to multiple businesses. Most lead generation companies will sell the lead to 3 or 4 businesses in the area so you play "fastest finger to the phone" and price becomes a major factor.

A good way to find clients is with an optimized website that will show up on the major search engines for a geographical related search in the areas you serve. For example, there are over 300 searches per month for "janitorial services jacksonville florida", over 200 for "san diego janitorial services" and many searches for all different areas. If you are in a well populated area, chances are there are searches for your services and a well optimized website will help you show up at the top of the search engines and deliver exclusive traffic.

Http:// is a good place to learn more about different types of local internet marketing programs.

We are part of a growing sales lead generation group. We need get accurate company information to enhance our?

We are part of a growing sales lead generation group. We need get accurate company information to enhance our productivity. Can anyone suggest a reliable source?

Posted by Camile L
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The best way to get accurate company information is to use online business directories. One good, reliable and exhaustive information provider is – Jigsaw. Http:// is a leading online business directory whose contacts are built by users themselves. The information procured from here will definitely enhance your current sales generation process.

I want sales ,marketing and lead generation services.?

Posted by Deevika
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Hey check it out Http://…
You will definitely get good services which will improve your sales and increase return on investment.

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VSN Extreme Get Leads and Sales on Autopilot

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Sales Leads Definition

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Questions and Answers

Definition of a mixtape?

Yo yall when you do a mixtape, is it just any beat with your own rhymes on it?? Can you use any beat from any artist?
So if someone was to spit his rhymes over any famous artist beat, that could be a mixtape?

Posted by Loser Face
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The mixtape format is becoming increasingly popular as a way of generating hype for hip hop artists. An unsigned artist might release several mixtapes to generate buzz, leading to interest from record labels, while a signed artist may release a mixtape to promote a future studio album, in a sales model relying on word of mouth to increase the artist's street cred. Often each track on a promotional hip hop mixtape will feature the same artist, thus making it more difficult to differentiate from a standard album. However, these mixtapes will usually have much lower production values than a studio album (such as housing "demo" or roughly mixed versions of the tracks), and contain numerous collaborations, remixes, freestyles and voice-overs, often arranged in a specific flowing fashion, much like retail albums are.

World leading semiconductors?

Posted by jessie_feminin
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How do you define "leading"? Do you mean the world's largest or the ones with most advanced technology? I probably could come up with half a dozen other definitions for "leading". And I presume you mean the world's leading COMPANIES, right? But here are some links to start your research:


What did Prohibition lead too?

After prohibition ended in 1933 what events did it ultimately lead to?

Posted by Lucy!
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Prohibition is the period from 1919 to 1933, during which the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol for consumption were banned nationally as mandated in the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Following significant pressure from the temperance movement, the U.S. Senate proposed the 18th Amendment on December 18, 1917. Having been approved by 36 states, the 18th Amendment was ratified on January 16, 1919 and effected on January 16, 1920. Some state legislatures had already enacted statewide prohibition prior to the ratification of the 18th Amendment.

The "Volstead Act", the popular name for the National Prohibition Act, passed through Congress over President Woodrow Wilson's veto on October 28, 1919 and established the legal definition of intoxicating liquor. Though the Volstead Act prohibited the sale of alcohol, it did little to enforce the law. The illegal production and distribution of liquor (bootlegging) became rampant, and the national government did not have the means or desire to try to enforce every border, lake, river, and speakeasy in America. In fact, by 1925 in New York City alone there were anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 speakeasy clubs.

Prohibition became increasingly unpopular during the Great Depression, especially in large cities. On March 23, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law an amendment to the Volstead Act known as the Cullen-Harrison Act, allowing the manufacture and sale of certain kinds of alcoholic beverages.

On December 5, 1933, the ratification of the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment.

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