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What is the difference between 1) Lead Generation/Prospecting, 2) Closing Deals and 3) Account Management?

Posted by Milla
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1) Lead Generation/Prospecting

– the process of marketing/advertising your business to potential clients in hope that they will show interest in your products/services. When interest is achieved, it allows you to proceed to the next steps in your sales process.

An example would be a yellow page ad. You place the the ad in the yellow pages. A potential client sees your ad and calls your office, because they have interest in what you offer. You have generated a "lead".

2) Closing deals

The process of getting commitment from a prospect/lead to purchase your products/services. A closed deal typically involves a signature on a contract, or exchange of money/credit for the products/services that your company offers.

For example, if the prospect says "Yes, I want to buy this blue widget", you give them the widget and they give you the money, you've "closed the deal".

3) Account Management

The process of maintaining/nurturing/servicing customers you've "closed a deal" with. This occurs after the sale has been made, when you have to take care of the customer based on the promises you've made to them.

Depending on the industry, Account Management may be handled by the person who "closed the deal", or it may be handled by an entire different department of people.

For example, when you call your phone company with questions about your bill, the person who takes the call and answers your questions is providing "account management".

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What is the best lead generation service to find IT decision makers?

I have been investigating several lead generation services which provide information on the decision makers for the Information Technology departments at large US companies. I looked at idexec and hoovers and they dont have email contact information and much of there info is available on the web or Yahoo Finance. Is there any better ones out there that focus on IT decision makers?

Posted by jamesbander234
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At my company we have used many different services including idexec, iProfile, ITS Profiles, and hoovers (www.hoovers.com). We found iProfile and ITS Profiles to be the most comprehensive when it came to providing us with detailed contact information on IT decision makers. Both provide direct phone numbers and email information. However, we found that ITS Profiles Http://www.itsprofiles.com has more depth, a larger database, and updates their information more frequently then iProfile. Hope this helps.

Who offers the best resources and service for business to business lead generation?

I am looking to get a lot of leads. Specifically business to business lead generation. Does anyone know of a good business that offers that specific service.

Posted by Scott
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Depends on the lead type your after and how readily available they are. For example if your looking to gather leads from specific newspapers it's easy enough to higher someone from a service like ODesk to enter them into a database and save you the admin time with little expense. Now if your looking for a current list VP's of large corporations in a specific industry that would require a different type of lead gen. Hard to recommend without knowing your specific requirements.


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