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Online Lead Generation is this more effective than telemarketing?

Telemarketing is one way of getting leads for my business. Are Online Lead Generation Service more effective and efficient?

Posted by Mustang Enthusiast
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There are some really great tools online to help people find your website and convert them into customers. Hubspot has a great track record and plenty of good tools to get you started. In my opinion, it's a better use of your time to create the tools to bring people to you rather than you calling and taking people through a process that can be automated. Cheers.

What is best for lead generation ?

Posted by Nina
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Hi Nina, this all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Some good methods for finding leads online include searching Craigslist for buyers or sellers, or other sources like backpage or Kijiji. It also depends on the leads you are trying to find. There are many good leads that can be found online in the afore mentioned sites. I have included a link for a site below of a guy who has prospected online with great success. Hope this answer helps 🙂

How much revenue does lead generation provide online property websites with?


Posted by philippe_homsy
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Hi there,

I actually run a property website called so I know a little about this subject.

For the property to rent market lead generation revenue is not really a factor. This is because those that change for services will typically get less than £100 and that does not leave much to pay for lead generation. In some cases, such as my site, it is totally free so there is no revenue to pay for lead generation.

For property websites that focus on the sales market it is a different issue. Vendors will typically pay anything from a few hundred pounds up to 1% or more for website sales. Thus for a £200K house the revenue could be anything from a few hundred to £2,000. This gives plenty for lead generation.

But there are also websites which act only as lead generation for estate agents, rightmove is an example. Here they charge the estate agents based on volume of properties advertised with payments typically per month – however there will be individual negotiations with estate agents and rightmove.

So to sum up.

Rental market – low to zero revenue for lead generation

Sales market, website based – average many hundreds of pounds per sale, thus some scope for lead generation revenues.

Sales market, website lead generators, such as rightmove. Fantastic revenue stream from estate agents.

I hope this helps.

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