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Can someone point me in the right direction for building a targeted email list?

I currently run two websites, one selling golf gifts and the other one is a website about mortgages. I want to be able to build a targeted email list for both of the sites, but I am not sure how I go about doing that. I don't want to buy a list from some company as I don't think that works, but want to make more money with the list. Does anybody have any tutorials or can help me really quick on how to build my targeted email list for each site?

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First, you are totally right that buying a list from some company does not work. The numbers don't convert well to sales and you can also get in trouble as people will think it is spam since they did not sign up for your list.

The best way to build an awesome targeted email list is to have a sign-up on the front page and contact page of your website. Make sure that it is where someone can see it at first glance of your website. Also, whenever someone does buy something from you on your golf gift's site, you can have a box in your checkout page that they can click and choose whether or not they want to join your email list as well.

Then, what you have to do is bring in the traffic to your websites so people actually sign up for the email list. I don't know how much traffic you get now, but you may have to work at increasing your traffic with marketing basics such as article directories and pay-per-click campaigns. There are programs that you can put on your websites to get people to sign up for the site.
There are free ones that may be good for small amounts of traffic, but if you want to make real money, then invest in a program like autoresponder for the email list as well. If you want to check out more about building targeted email lists, then I recommend you check out Matt Bacak at He is where I got most of my information from and he has a great newsletter, Internet Marketing Dirt, that you can subscribe to and get more detailed help every month.

What are the best email marketing websites to build email list?

Looking to build an opt in email list for my business and I've been looking at different sites offering to build an email list. Which is the best between Aweber,GetResponse or Mailchimp or any other email marketing company? Looking to expand my business and I need advice on which company to go with!

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You can build email lists for free, if you like contact me and ill coach you on how to do this properly but roughly what you should be doing is going on sites like facebook and seeing the problems people are having and offer them a free way out of that problem by providing a program in exchange for their email address

One that ive used is an auto friend and gift acceptor script that saves people a lot of time

Another is the zynga poker bot, this plays poker for people and wins them chips while they sleep and is very popular

Use a youtube video with a link in the description to your opt in list

Once someone has signed up send them the program or link to the program

You can rake in literally thousands of active emails this way legally

Don't pay someone to do it for you its too easy to do.

What is the best and cheapest (not free) way to build a targeted email list?

I feel like I've tried it all – solo ads, facebook ads…can't seem to find the best roi. Thanks ahead!

Posted by Brandon
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The best way to to build a targeted email list of through content marketing. Content marketing includes blogging (use wordpress to collect emails), webinars ( to collect emails), hosting networking events (use to collect emails), and meetups (use to collect emails).

At my company Nichevertising we write a blog post once or twice a day everyday. Then we share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Twitter has been the best source so far because it is easy to search to find people who match your keywords then follow them. At least 50% of the time they will follow-back.

We share target blog post and this drives traffic back to our website where we can then collect email addresses from those who like us. Because we provide valuable content, visitors to our website are more than happy to subscribe to our email newsletter to get more viral marketing tips and tricks.

This method is not fast, because it takes time to write content and build up your audience. However, it is very effective and practically free if you are a good writer.

If you need more speed in your email marketing process, in the coming months my startup ( will have an alternative for you.

We will soon be launching to the public our cooperative advertising app that helps entrepreneurs fast track the process of going viral by working with other businesses in their niche.

Our #1 goal is to solve this problem you are having. We are still in private beta, but we will be opening up the site to a new cohort of beta users soon and you're welcome to apply to try it out. Visit our site and visit the "request access" link.

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Email List Building Tactic

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