6 Ways to Earn More Sales Leads to Your Online Business

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Online sellers looking to double or triple their business have two choices. They can either increase their inventory and pricing or they can improve their lead generation tactics. Successful online sellers know the benefit of driving a high-volume of high-quality leads to their business on a continual basis. A steady stream of leads will keep your online sales business in operation 24/7, even while you sleep. Want more leads to your business right now? Put these seven tactics into action and watch your numbers grow.

1.       Limit Supply to Increase Demand

It’s fantastic that you have an entire storeroom full of product; but don’t let your leads know that. You can improve lead generation and sales by using terms like ‘Limited Time Offer’ or ‘Offer Ends Soon’ or even ‘End of Spring Product Blow Out’. This increases the perceived value of your offer and it entices your customers to buy now instead of later.

2.       Entice Leads to Join the Group

People are inherently social animals and love to join the group. This means you can increase leads to your online sales business by letting your prospects know that others are participating in your offers. Show off the numbers of customers that have bought that same product, or show off testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied customers. If you can give the impression that everyone’s buying, you’ll find it easier to entice new leads to do the same.

3.       Test Your Titles

A bad title can cause your prospects to pass up the best of deals. Make sure your titles are always on point by testing them often. Use A/B testing and tweak your titles to make them lead magnets. Some marketers even go so far as to create multiple titles for every content piece they produce.

4.       More Landing Pages Equals More Leads

Marketing leader Hubspot recently conducted a benchmarks study that showed that companies that increased their landing pages from 10 to 15 saw a 55% increase in leads. Work on creating more offers and the leads will come.

5.       Trust Emblems and Security Seals Breed Trust

Is your business recognized by the Better Business Bureau? Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce? Let your leads and prospects know by putting organization logos and other trust seals right on your home page. These seals make your prospects feel more trusting of you and your offers and they can increase lead generation, conversions and sales.

6.       Blogging Can Double Your Lead Volume

That same Hubspot study found that companies that blog 6 to 8 times per month double their lead generation efforts. Work on creating information-rich blogs with strong calls-to-action that include links to your product landing pages within the copy.

These six lead attraction tactics are tried and true and sure to work with any online sales business.

SOURCE:  https://www.appeagle.com/amazon/6-ways-to-earn-more-sales-leads-to-your-online-business/

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