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What are sale leads???


Posted by bobo
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Leads in sales are basically people that MAY buy from you. If you made a call, or if you are doing business on the internet and you send out a sales letter to a list of subscribers, those are your leads.

If you advertise something on a website, and someone contacts you for further information, that could also be considered a lead.

Basically a lead is someone that seems willing to buy from you.

How to do a sales lead follow-up?

I am applying for my first customer support job with a software company & the position mentions "sales lead follow-up"

I know that the company wants to build its client base, generate sales but how is this done with sales lead follow-up? What would I be doing?

Posted by James S
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In my experience, a sales lead comes from someone who visits a booth at a trade show or calls in to customer service expressing interest in a product. The sales person would then call to follow up, feel out what the customer is using/wants/needs and quote them on various recommendations. Just make sure it's not a telemarketing job where you're cold-calling off a phone list.

We are part of growing sales lead generation group. So we need to get accurate company information to enhance?

We are part of growing sales lead generation group. So we need to get accurate company information to enhance our productivity. Anyone can suggest a reliable source?

Posted by Camile L
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Hello. Our firm provides lead generation for dozens of companies, and in our experience, purchased lists often contain 30-40% "bad" data.

What we've done to work around this is to attempt to secure fairly updated lists online, using published industry directories. Our goal is to find company names and urls first, not worrying about accurate contact info, as in today's economy, it's very likely the decision maker has changed. To "backfill" our list with accurate contact info, we actually call and qualify each record we've found online. Although somewhat labor intensive, the accuracy of the data pays off quickly, and the end result is a pure list that you own.

Best of luck.

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