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Questions and Answers

Will sales leads help me find clients for my janitorial business?

Posted by William S
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Sales leads may help but many times these leads are sold to multiple businesses. Most lead generation companies will sell the lead to 3 or 4 businesses in the area so you play "fastest finger to the phone" and price becomes a major factor.

A good way to find clients is with an optimized website that will show up on the major search engines for a geographical related search in the areas you serve. For example, there are over 300 searches per month for "janitorial services jacksonville florida", over 200 for "san diego janitorial services" and many searches for all different areas. If you are in a well populated area, chances are there are searches for your services and a well optimized website will help you show up at the top of the search engines and deliver exclusive traffic.

Http:// is a good place to learn more about different types of local internet marketing programs.

We are part of a growing sales lead generation group. We need get accurate company information to enhance our?

We are part of a growing sales lead generation group. We need get accurate company information to enhance our productivity. Can anyone suggest a reliable source?

Posted by Camile L
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The best way to get accurate company information is to use online business directories. One good, reliable and exhaustive information provider is – Jigsaw. Http:// is a leading online business directory whose contacts are built by users themselves. The information procured from here will definitely enhance your current sales generation process.

I want sales ,marketing and lead generation services.?

Posted by Deevika
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Hey check it out Http://…
You will definitely get good services which will improve your sales and increase return on investment.

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VSN Extreme Get Leads and Sales on Autopilot

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